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Important Text

Battleunder A

  • Greetings, Hero! You have no idea how long it's been since I've seen another human! The name's Yara, and one day I wish to be the strongest Paladin ever!


  • There were rumors going around of a secret underground tunnel beneath Battleon. The rumors spoke of horrible monsters that hide in the shadows, progressively getting stronger and more vicious the deeper the tunnel travels. Residents of Battleon started reporting strange sounds coming from underground just a few days ago. So, of course I had to investigate! I searched Battleon high and low and eventually found a secret passageway. And look were it brought me! These tunnels appear to go on for miles. Where they lead, I have no idea. But there is only one way to find out, right? C'mon, this will be fun!

Battleunder B

  • Hello again! Surprised to see me? I've been down here for a LONG time, hero. I know all the short cuts. Now that we've gained access the second layer of BattleUnder, I have some new quests for you… and a magic chest for you to open!


  • I found this chest just sitting here. I tried to get it open but it appears to have some kind of enchantment on it. Depending on which key you use to open it, there are different things inside. Sometimes… it's just empty

From what I can tell all the monsters on this level have split all the keys up into different fragments. If you can find all the fragments to they separate keys, you should be able to open the chest.There is a lot more BattleUnder to explore! As soon as we can find a way to activate the portal, we should be able to make our way further into the dungeon. Warlic is researching how to open the portal right now!

Battleunder C

  • Hooray! You made it through the portal!…yeah, I kind snuck in when you were figuring it all out. Welcome to the third layer of Battleunder. It's nothing like I expected it to be! Got some new quests for you…and a Merge Shop filled with awesome items! Shall we get started?


  • Just look at this place! BattleUnder Keeps getting stranger and stranger the deeper we dive. And the monster here are more powerful than any others we have me so far. I'd be very, very careful if I were you. Recently, a bunch of monster throughout BattleUnder have been dropping something I call "Undead Essences." I found out that I could MERGE these items to create NEW items! You can check out my new item discoveries in my Merge Shop.I have even seen some of these cavern beasties with the super rare Cavern Celestite gemstones gemstones. Some of the items in my Merge Shop require these beautiful gems in order to make the coolest of gear. But enough chit-chat; we're got some exploring to do!


  • A Female Paladin who wants to be the MOST POWERFUL Paladin.


  • Paladin