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The Current Time Traveling Assassin Xeight
The Former Time Traveling Assassin Xeven

Description and History

Xeight (current alias as the 8th cycle) formerly Xeven, The Time Traveling Assassin, is the daughter of Chaos Dragonlord Vath.

She is a drow that has the ability to cut through the fabric of time and space ... and other things using her cursed artifact, the Tachyon Blades, which she stole from a ChronoLord to change the future.

In her story, the Hero chases her through time towards the end of time itself. She created a paradox revealed to have happened for the 8th cycle already by sending her younger self on a mission to travel through time and kill the hero, by giving her a diary stating everything she has done/will have to do carefully. All she did for only one reason, to take vengeance on the Hero for killing her father, Chaos Lord Vath. As the Hero chases her, she ended up being captured by the Council of ChronoLords for the reason of stealing the Tachyon Blades making forbidden time travel, disrupting the timelines, altering the past, present and future, traveling to the End of Time, unleashing the Vorefax, creating a paradox which was increased the power of the Vorefax 7 times and potentially an 8th. At the end of the journey, her travels have almost caused the end of the world which then caused the Vorefax, the Devourer at the end of time and Mors Temporis: Death of Time to appear, and so she teams up with the Hero to stop them but dies in the process. Her younger self now named Xeight goes to the meeting with the Mysterious Figure.

The Tachyon Blades, on the other hand, are somewhere out in Lore, trapped between time and space, waiting for her (To be continued on the side-story (Member-only)). Due to the paradox that's been made, Xeight, the next to continue THE mission meets up with the other villains in the present and therefore begins a new cycle.

Cursed Artifact

Tachyon Blades


  • According to Ziri, she's just an all cute and goodie two shoes lookin'. Sekt even said that only those with the power to conquer and destroy the world should be seated at THE table. And the others also question her "villainy" as well. All because she is Xeight in the present time!
  • She is a resistance fighter from the future. She even saw the FUTURE LEGION, the mechanized bio-undead army wipe out everything, even the battle between the underworld and the Plane of Light and the end of time itself.
  • As she tells her identity to the other villains, Sekt commended her ability and told the others that if they were all smart, they all should start running from her as she is OFFICIALLY the MOST DANGEROUS person at the table.
  • Till now, we still don't know her real name. She only uses aliases as her screen name.
  • Artix revealed that Xeven is 18 years old while Xeight is only 13 years old.

Side-story (Member-only)

The Hunt for the Tachyon Blades Begins...

The Tachyon Blades promo

Members: an all-new, exclusive mission waits for you!

Xeven/Xeight, the Time Assassin, wields two VERY powerful blades -- their edges can cut through space and time itself. BUT in the last chapter of our Throne of Darkness Saga... her blades went missing! Members: It's up to you to battle your way through a maze of portals and spacetime to recover them!

Defeat Svelgr the Devourer, The devourer of space and time to unlock the quest to begin repairing the blades. Once you've gathered all the pieces of the Tachyon Blades, you'll be able to equip and dual-wield them! Talk to Kairos in /portalmaze to begin!

Theme Song

AQWorlds Music - "The Paradox Portal"

Class Variant

Chrono Assassin Class

Chrono Assassin Class

Xeven is an Assassin... of TIME! She's also one of the main villains in our new Throne of Darkness Saga, and if you haven't played through her story yet -- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! It's mind-breakingly, time-bendingly awesome, and you can start the adventure when you /join portalmaze!

Heya guys, it’s Sync. I’d like to thank Arklen for helping me with the Class, especially the animations and skill icons. They’re awesome! Now knowing me, I try to make variants as new and fresh as possible while still being intact with the original Class design. This is a variant of Thief of Hours, with a lot of stacking abilities as you manipulate time as the fight goes on.