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This is how I roll!!

                                                              _( (~\
       _ _                        /                          ( \> > \
   -/~/ / ~\                     :;                \       _  > /(~\/
  || | | /\ ;\                   |l      _____     |;     ( \/    > >
  _\\)\)\)/ ;;;                  `8o __-~     ~\   d|      \      //
 ///(())(__/~;;\                  "88p;.  -. _\_;.oP        (_._/ /
(((__   __ \\   \                  `>,% (\  (\./)8"         ;:'  i
)))--`.'-- (( ;,8 \               ,;%%%:  ./V^^^V'          ;.   ;.
((\   |   /)) .,88  `: ..,,;;;;,-::::::'_::\   ||\         ;[8:   ;
 )|  ~-~  |(|(888; ..``'::::8888oooooo.  :\`^^^/,,~--._    |88::  |
 |\ -===- /|  \8;; ``:.      oo.8888888888:`((( o.ooo8888Oo;:;:'  |
 |_~-___-~_|   `-\.   `        `o`88888888b` )) 888b88888P""'     ;
 ; ~~~~;~~         "`--_`.       b`888888888;(.,"888b888"  ..::;-'
   ;      ;              ~"-....  b`8888888:::::.`8888. .:;;;''
      ;    ;                 `:::. `:::OOO:::::::.`OO' ;;;''
 :       ;                     `.      "``::::::''    .'
    ;                           `.   \_              /
  ;       ;                       +:   ~~--  `:'  -';
                                   `:         : .::/  -Worse Doughnut
      ;                            ;;+_  :::. :..;;;  -Don't Spam....or else!!

I'm impressed by your work. SysOp Lizargeco // My Talk 18:41, 2 September 2010 (UTC)

I have un-archive my entire talk page per the request of Isa :D

Worse Doughnut's Watermark.png Worse Doughnut AQWorlds Wiki SysOp // My Art 15:38, 3 January 2012 (EST)


Regarding ODW Alliances

Quote: The Order no longer accepts alliances. However, we may still interact with other clans as long as no negative purposes are present.

--Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 05:12, 22 October 2010 (UTC)


Said user had been banned previously on another account for abuse (which I checked up on before I made the account ban). Finding a way around them does not grant you renewed access to this wiki. Furthermore, it is not your place to question my actions. If you have a problem with how I acted, email Al, do not confront me on it. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 07:20, 26 October 2010 (UTC)

I didn't ban him orginally. Another sysop did for something else he'd done (again, people don't get second chances after breaking wiki rules). Take it up with Al if you're so worried about a sysops behaviour, not with the sysop themselves. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 00:39, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

Gods of the Phoenix

Why not go to war with them? Are you going soft on them, or did you just make a show of words, then let them be?

The One Big Problem

INSANE is pointless when nobody talks on it. With all the new clans coming up purely as recruit leeches, with no other purpose to contribute to the clan site, I've gotten a bit weary. New clans are nice, but new clans that are made just to get their name out there, and with no other purpose, hardly warrant any action that INSANE can impact, positively or negatively. Now, an obvious jab at a clan like yours by naming themselves after you? This isn't some innocent new clan we're talking about. We're talking about someone with either no sense of manners, who didn't bother going through the clan list before naming their own clan, or else someone with a warped sense of humor, intentionally naming their clan after yours in order to spark nerdraging or some other amusing reaction. You went half-way, warning them without the threat of any actual action. Now that you've put one foot in the pool, you either have to dive in or pull out. That's what my phrase above meant. Did you go easy on them by not going all the way in, or are you pushing yourself already by even talking to them?

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 03:24, 18 November 2010 (UTC)


Your diplomatic solution is actually a common part of the "traditional" war sequence. You offer a clan a grace period to revert their mistake, then go charging in, guns blazing. Now you're making more sense when you say that the clan in question could perhaps be making a genuine mistake, and that would give just cause to the thought of not going in guns blazing. But as for the other reason, giving them time to give up and move on, you have to realize that clans like this can just plain ignore you and continue to operate under their current name, knowing full well nothing's going to happen them per status quo. See the Shadow Lords Of Defiance Talk Page. The original clan, Defiance, did exactly what you did. Good lot that did. Now we're stepping up things, going after the members as well to make them acknowledge what they're doing at the very least. Much more effective, though the clan's truly inactive by now and is set to be disbanded. You've got to take a slightly more aggressive stance if you want to see change happen.

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 23:58, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Lol Whoops

I totally forgot about that, was busy dealing with Red Blizzard702 and his Great Alliance...anyways, If you're not interested, I'll work on it.


Loook i dont know how to change name and i didnt know your clans name was The phonenix gods and im very sorry i wont change it cuz everybody got it as Gods of the phoenix and on you inf one banned clan name was the phoenix god knight so yeel at them.


^ I think that right there was their message of defeat. I'll coach them through the process of changing their names, but I'm still declaring war on them, got their leader all set up to be shadowed in-game XD It's an opportunity too good to be passed up.


I think DeathKnight put it together, but I could be wrong. --SysOp Lizargeco // My Talk 15:31, 24 November 2010 (UTC)


Horde of Phoenix. They gave up too easily XD


He went way too far there. Anyways, talk to Al Gilman about protecting your clan page.

re:Clan Page Protection

You are correct I havent been checking the clan protection requests, rather I have been working on, I want to get the clans off the wiki and onto a separate system. The site mentioned is currently in development but should be released before not too long. Al Gilman 03:10, 25 November 2010 (UTC)

God of the Pheonix

Firstly: You do not own the clan, therefore, coming to me and announcing "they have changed their name" will get you nowhere. Only the leader of said clan can announce that. Secondly: I will remind you NOW that names and titles are not owned by anyone in the wiki. Demanding a name change for anothers clan is NOT allowed. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 00:44, 27 November 2010 (UTC)

Thank you for pointing this out. Red Blizzard has been notified. However, regardless of whether they admitted defeat or not, a demand for a name change is against wiki policy. If you should see anyone in the future doing such, please remind them as it can result in warning and/or a ban from the wiki. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 01:41, 27 November 2010 (UTC)

Contract Against Chaos Badge

I see you created the following badge. (Contract Against Chaos Clan Badge.PNG)

Good job. I think badges and banners, being the one who creates such for the HoF, are great ideas. I do have one tiny suggestion though. If you look at your badge you will see the brown boarder around the badge itself. I don't know if that is the plan or what but I simply suggest that the badge would look better if the boarder (the brown part) was transparent meaning that no matter what backround it is placed on it will look good.

Like I said, this is simply a suggestion and you may chose to or now, your call, but if you chose too and don't know how I would be happy to make it so. As you may have noticed I have recently changed all the HoF banners to be transparent so that whomever I award them to the banners will look fine on their page.

Friendly Advice, your call :D

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 19:35, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

NOTE: I do work quickly :D. Try this on. I am very good with photo-editing so I can pretty much do whatever you want. Its your design so its completely under your control what I do or not do. But, what do you think so far? All I did so far was removed the boarder and made it transparent. You may want to try posting it on a few colored pages to see how it changes.
Contract Against Chaos Clan Badge.PNG
So your asking if I can get the original achievement box from the character pages and put your chaos eye in it? Hm.. I'll see what I can do
Better? ^


My apologies for deleting you from our clan website but I do not want anyone other than clan members to join our clan websites. Extremely sorry for that.

Sincerely, Captain Ryuda, Commander of the Yokai Guard 10:16, 29 November 2010 (UTC)

I have

signed the contract against chaos.

Glad we can still be alliances.

--Jack2.png // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 22:24, 29 November 2010 (UTC)


I understand that you do not currently have a war. I am just saying I do not wish to be in any war you create through this.

Thank you,

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 22:03, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

P.S About your 11th Sig friend has that kinda problem do you fix that?


It shall not be restored. It shall not be remade. Simple fact is: It doesn't fit into the wiki, therefore it does not belong. Next time leave your user name. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 22:55, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

HEY Listen man I am really sorry it was a major accident, I was looking at the RSS feed or whatever and did something wrong. I tried to fix it but I couldn't. You can see I am not capable of operating the wiki, I just got here. I am so sorry, if there is anything I can do to fix this please tell me. Totally my fault... XP Just trying to join...



Maybe it is because you sound like the primary person inviting all the clans to join. Also the name Contract Against Chaos sound threatening if people are too ignorant to read it.

Could you also get back to be how you fixed Sigtest 11?

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 02:39, 1 December 2010 (UTC)


Well, for a start, if people send you hate meesages, don't reply with a hate message back (not that you do, just saying) or don't reply at all. If someone doesn't see a response, they're likely not to continue. I'm not pointing to anyone in particular, just in general.

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 03:18, 1 December 2010 (UTC)


I know what you mean. Try to tell that to them once, do it twice if they don't listen, then tell me and I'll see what I can do to help.

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 03:26, 1 December 2010 (UTC)

Thank you

Thank-you for thinking the issue over and attempting to resolve it. I present you with this for your efforts:

Worse Doughnut - Extreme speed.jpg

You may or may not use it

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 04:07, 1 December 2010 (UTC)

Re:User page editing question

It was just a simple error in your coding. You placed the whole embed code in for your image but because it was already in an image spot (because you set your page up using the player template). Therefor, the extra bit of code simply became text. I have removed it :D

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 13:19, 2 December 2010 (UTC)

Clan page empty

Know i don't even know the person. I'm reporting this.

--Jack2.png // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 12:27, 4 December 2010 (UTC)

Re:Duplicate Pet Page & Player Template = fail (?)

  • I have not deleted the "Mini Santy Claws" but what I have done is redirect it to "Tiny Santy Claws". That way anyone who has it listed as Mini in their inventory will be redirected to Tiny. Should be fine now :D
  • I will play with the template later to get that effect. Thanks for the idea. Templates are known to be tricky and even worse, if I mess something up everyone using that template will be messed up too :o. Ill just have to be careful.

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 17:54, 4 December 2010 (UTC)

Do you know what is meant by this?

Missing required information - History of clan. You have until 11th of December to fix this or your clan will be disbanded. Any attempt to remove this notice will result in instant clan disbandment. You may contact me here when you have added this info

--Jack2.png // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 22:51, 6 December 2010 (UTC)


Well this sucks. I only have until December 11 to figure out what it is and add it to my clan page. And i would like to thank you for looking out for my clan the way you have. I think you should be a Sysop.

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 01:23, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

Clan Warnings

"Must have basic information: who we are, how to join, why join us, etc. " --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 01:48, 7 December 2010 (UTC)


Ok, no relation with the name, i understand it and i think everyone does, i jsut wanted to clear the point. Anyway, may we allie (after clan is reopened)?



Yeah i see what you mean. And now i get what Beta is asking.

Thanks for the help.

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 03:52, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

RE:RE: OK...

Ok, so we may allie. But first, could we meet today in server Nythera at my house? Anytime you want ill just try to be there.

Fenix.gifThe fenix Met


Hello Worse. I didnt log on much this week because of the HeroSmash release thing. Now, i just wanted to say that we are preparing for re-opening the Clan as soon as Lizargeco answers the post i sent him. Its fine that you cant log on, but atleast try to be on sometime before Christmas because i wont be home during this years Frostval :/, and so, i wont play AQW. Nothing more to add than just that. Oh and, maybe next week i can be the guest of your "spot-the-player" game ;).

Fenix.gifThe fenix Met


Hi, this is Nine Knives. Sorry I was AFK when you came in-game. (Thedstroyer and I spent 14 minutes going on every server after I came back to find you, but couldn't find you again!) I would love to meet you in the game, and just wanted to say I'm sorry! :) Authorized by Nine Knives 20:16, 15 December 2010 (UTC)


I was looking at V's talk page and saw you wanted to help him with his wanted list. Dude, you do realise that IM the most wanted on that....

--Spiker 64 | Talk page 06:59, 16 December 2010 (UTC)

Re:I Agree....

The current war system stays as it is, for now. I am going to discuss this with Liz. It is, after all, his decision. But no change will be made until then.

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 23:33, 16 December 2010 (UTC)


Thats fine. Also, how do you make the moving gifs? I wanna get one for my signiture, but I dont know how to make them.

--Spiker 64 06:43, 17 December 2010 (UTC)

Re: :D Just Kidding. Great Job. Y0u are getting better. What program did you make it in?

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 14:07, 18 December 2010 (UTC)

  • Wispers* So do I. But I also use gimp :D
  • Either get Gimp or use paint with powerpoint. Thats what I do
  • Actually. A lot. You have to play with it but you can add text so easily with powerpoint and paint. Actually, all the banners I made for the HoF were made with powerpoint and paint :D
  • Yes, I got gimp just so I could make images transparent. I highly recommend it.

Legion Lords

Not restoring them. They are disbanded. Although you were creating a clan where you weren't supposed to (which also merits a disband) there is also the fact that mezkiel was among the leaders/founders (and as he currently runs a different clan, that also falls into the disband category) --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 01:59, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

Denied. If you aren't the leader, you cannot request for its restoration. Furthermore, your friend needs to prove he can edit his own clan page. Also, there remains the matter that one of the "Founders" is a leader of another clan already. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 02:28, 19 December 2010 (UTC)
Because you made and edited the clan. If it were just mezkiel, then I would have set the warning. Many contributing factors add up though, and can cause an instant disbandment of a clan. The leader themselves must make and edit the clan. Failing this, the clan is deemed unfit for the wiki due to survival issues and is disbanded. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 04:04, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

Re: Your msg

No need to get mad, I just wanted to let you know in case it was a typo. Also why did you remove my message? Bythos 17:39, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

Funny thing

Hey worse, its me met. The thing is that my cousin forgot his pass and he is the leader of Overkill (the clan). Well, so i checked the clan discussion and found out you want an ally. He says yes, and he wants to ally. Well, now ill talk to a SysOp so he can get back his ACC. Cya.

Fenix.gifThe fenix Met

Re:Congrats? XD

Thanks for the badge, I can see you are improving quite a bit. I truly look forward to seeing how you grow and develop while improving.

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 20:53, 31 December 2010 (UTC)


Chronomancer is only powerful if it's allowed to build up its stacks, making it practically useless in a fight where someone constantly room hops. If someone does use chronomancer in an upcoming fight, they're likely to be at a large disadvantage compared to someone with rogue, ninja, zerker, warrior, etc --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 05:06, 2 January 2011 (UTC)

I figure that if you're going to stand there and take a chronomancers beating, then obviously you aren't a good pvp'er, and thus the award is more likely placed with a clan whom can take and deal out what's needed. If you do have a problem with it, you could take it up with a HoF member, but you'd better have a good argument in place as to why it shouldn't be used. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 05:17, 2 January 2011 (UTC)
lol, that wasn't argumentative, that was.... explanatory. and Chronomancer does seem to be a limited used class... I can't really see it being dragged up in the pvp matches --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 06:06, 2 January 2011 (UTC)
I don't know about comparing it with 'zerker, specifically because I use zerker often as a pvp class. It works well so long as you know how to use it and have a strategy, but some classes just work better than others. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 06:28, 2 January 2011 (UTC)


O Dude the transparent version is WAY COOLER!!! Thanks :D!!!Akisigtest.jpeg//A Hall of FameOfficial//An Ark Lord of Defiance//My Talk// 23:36, 2 January 2011 (UTC)


I have deleted the below posts because it is done, and has no purpose on my page.

--As if you could kill me.... Worse Doughnut Leader of The Pheonix Gods 02:36, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

Thanks worsey!

Thanks worsey!


Mezkiel // My talk // Illusion1.png // 22:34, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

Re:Special Pages?

I have noticed you have taken over my job of welcoming new accounts :D Hehe, I am glad i'm not the only one. Yes, the page you are asking about is right.....................>here<.....................!

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 02:33, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

Re:New version

I am good at what I do :D

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 20:04, 8 January 2011 (EST)


Since you are on the welcome team right now, I would ask you to please mark all the users that you find with this format:

  • Any name involving a name followed by six numbers

EX: Shannon883947, James337485, Timmy123432

Mark them with the delete template:

{{Template:Delete|why=Reason for deletion}}

In "reason for deletion" put something along the lines of "Unacceptable Username." That way if it is a human they will understand. But all the bots I have blocked and deleted have had that format. Also, if you see them create a page add that template. If I could also as you to report to me the names you find so I can delete them that would be great :D.

Oh, to POINT BLANK answer your question: No, you do not need to welcome them (hehe).

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 12:02, 9 January 2011 (EST)


Oh I can help with you sig.

Worse Doughnut

[[User:Worse Doughnut|Worse]] [[User Talk:Worse Doughnut|Doughnut]]

And then whatever you want there... Worse Doughnut I have no clue if this is what you meant when I saw Nafets talk, but I figured I could try :P

Akiyama25 of the Clan Hall of Fame// 23:24, 10 January 2011 (EST)

Woah nvm I don't get your worked on mine. Dx Dude you gotz some weeeeeeird stuff goin' on here. I'll try some stuff on my talk page and if it works I'll send ya a message... :P


Need help with your signature? Message me and I'll see what I can do.

And with the bots, Al updated the MediaWiki :D/:P

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 01:19, 11 January 2011 (EST)

Re:Sig help...

1) Indeed you are. Congrats. *Gives a cookie*
2a) Yes it is. You use the following coding:

[ link title]

Lets say I wanted my signature to go to my twitter I would have this coding:

--[[File:Naf2.png|link=|100px]] // [[File:Transparent.png|55px|link=http://]] // SysOp <sup>and</sup> Hall of Fame Official

Now, normal text signatures, not pictures, are a little more difficult. You would use this coding.

[ Nafets] // [[User_talk:NafetsTheGreat|Talk To Me]]

Which would make:

Nafets // Talk To Me

If you wanted to do half you could do it this way:

[ Naf][[User_talk:NafetsTheGreat|ets]] Which would make this: Nafets

Akiyama25 has multiple images that all come together so it looks like one signature but certain sections lead to certain parts. If you would like me to make you one like that I could. I just think Akiyama25's looks better than(Nafets)

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 13:11, 11 January 2011 (EST)

The Vandal Message

It was not made by a DeathKnight. It was ported over from a retired DF Wiki Sysop page. ~ Your friendly neighborhood anonymous Presidential Candidate

I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon. I'm boycotting this wiki (Ironic I'm posting this considering). BTW, that's not me. My player's name is Obaid, and he's been inactive for a while. I don't even remember the password, I think. ~ Your friendly neighborhood not-so-anonymous-anymore DeathKnight
Nope. This is me. Why do you think I'm scary? It's not like I'll malice you with a shoehorn. I'll just eat your brain! </scarymode>. I may be gone, but I still have a hand in things around here. Think about that for a while. BTW, how come you don't hate SysOps anymore? ~ Your <enter message here> DeathKnight
Kinda my fault I'm gone. My own -blam!- stupid rule. I made it to protect users from unregulated sysop tyranny, but I guess it wasn't specific. Enough ranting, though. If it weren't for Nafets, I probably wouldn't even have a user page anymore. ~ The gone and somewhat forgotten DeathKnight (For further reference, "-blam!-" is used to signify that a word has been shot out of a sentence.)
Somewhat forgotten as in there is no mention of me. No hurrahs, no complaints, not even requests for DK Points.(Which are very, very valuable.) I've left my mark though. The rules, the side bar, some new sysops, banning of detrimental people, etc. Especially the DeathKnight Commemorative Skull, which seems to have caught on. ~ The unfortunately somewhat forgotten DeathKnight
Just got a call from the teacher. Enough homework to keep 10 Einsteins busy for a week. I fear it's my time to leave. ~ The gone for an unknown amount of time DeathKnight.


Hehe, that is pretty sweet. You are getting very good. Wow, you and Aki both. I need to start improving my skills or you two will catch up. We wouldn't want that would we (:D)?

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 23:10, 13 January 2011 (EST)

  • Haha, I think that made my day!
  • Depends, why don't you work on your idea and not loose it. Then send it to me and i'll give it some deep thought.
  • The only problem is that that is copyrighted by x-box and saw can't use their format or symbol. I like the idea of maybe having a badge or "achievement unlocked" but we can't use the X-box logo or their format. Sadly.


That achievement you made...that was pure awesomeness XD What inspired you to go through that much effort on our behalf?

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 20:10, 14 January 2011 (EST)

Sure, I'd love to get an uploaded image of it all.

Ermm...wrong image?

The typo wasn't fixed...

Very sneaky. Anyways, thanks.


You should have it so the doughnut is on fire with a transparent background :D

(P.S. Nice idea for your sig xD)

Akiskull.PNG 03:16, 15 January 2011 (EST)

Re:SSS Blade?

I feel because it was in game at some point it deserves a spot due to the face that a wiki also provides the history of the game. Unlink unreleased and testing items (which, you are right, do not belong on the wiki) this item was bought, used, and was removed so I feel it deserves a spot. Mind you this is only my opinion so if others disagree we will simply take a vote :)

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 12:37, 15 January 2011 (EST)

Re:Chaos Lord Confusion

Good question. Not sure how that might be classified... I guess a decoy for the real... you could also just label him a monster and have a reference to him on Kimberley's entry and on his own noting such. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 22:11, 15 January 2011 (EST)


Do you really want to rename Balance? Because if Unity is related to Neutral, or whatever arguement, what would be the point of similar factions? Is Unity similar to Neutral? What do you think?

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 17:34, 16 January 2011 (EST)

The factions will stay as they are...for now.
- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 17:46, 16 January 2011 (EST)
Are you saying that factions must come from what AE has made? Because my view is rather the opposite.
- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 18:35, 16 January 2011 (EST)
Very well. Balance is pretty self-explanatory. But, at the beginning of next month, I will create "Unity". Hopefully this will settle the unrest between the HoF...
- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 20:57, 16 January 2011 (EST)


How do you make such good pictures? What software you use?

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 22:40, 18 January 2011 (EST)

I Know =

i know how to use the wiki thankyou

RE: Xusha's Curse

  • I'm aware its one of the new release, being an observant Jew I cannot do any updates on Friday night. The front page should be updated within the next hour. That page was deleted because it had nonsense on it. These New Releases are very hard work to keep up with and this is a particular large one for a non special event. I will put that page the way should be soon.

--Sysop Village Idiot 18:54, 22 January 2011 (EST)

Ok Thanks.

And can you give me a link where i can download GIMP?

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 23:46, 22 January 2011 (EST)


Thanks man.

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 09:38, 23 January 2011 (EST)


How do you use the cropping tool? I don't get it. I made a few pictures and they are HUGE and can't use them for what I wanted if they are that big.

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 10:18, 24 January 2011 (EST)

Ok Thanks.

I'm going to try what you said before I ask Nafets.

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 14:58, 24 January 2011 (EST)

Re:Wiki help

I believe I can be of some assistance. Please use #REDIRECT [[Wiki page name here]]
Hope it helps (yes the #REDIRECT should be in capital letters).

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 18:07, 24 January 2011 (EST)

You can archive your chat by moving it to another page (dont click "Move" since it will create a redirect and we don't want that). For example, I personally use [[User talk:Extreme speed/Chat Log 1/2/3/4/5/etc]]. You can use archive 1, December - January Chat Log, or whatever you want. But make sure it has the [[User talk:Worse Doughnut/ before it.
- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 18:24, 24 January 2011 (EST)

Hai Buddeh

Ohai Worse. Am trying to make a clan page, too confusing. Un-ban me from your clan site so I can talk to chu. <3


Why cant you unban me? D:

Marik mace 19:46, 24 January 2011 (EST)


You nub D: </3

Marik mace 19:52, 24 January 2011 (EST)

Yes thats exactly what I think. :/

Marik mace 19:56, 24 January 2011 (EST)

Which was exactly why I left

Marik mace 20:00, 24 January 2011 (EST)

Re: Helping Hand

No Problem I'm making 5 changes to monsters pages

  1. Making sure the HP of the monster has not changes. If the HP has changed do not delete strike through the old HP and than type the new HP. For example: 223 345
  2. Minor is adding all the items (including quest items) dropped by that monster (I try to put them in alphabetical order when I add them)
  3. Adding difficulty rating to all monster templates |diff= between mp and EquipList on monster template
  4. Adding in images to monsters that have multiple forms in the game
  5. Adding a {{Rare Monster}} to monsters that only existed for a special event

I already updated all monsters up to and including Sweetish Fish. So any help finishing last 80 some odd monsters would be highly appreciated. --Sysop Village Idiot 21:59, 24 January 2011 (EST)


You wouldnt have a clue how bad I want your transmorgiphying sig, how do you make them?

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 09:48, 27 January 2011 (EST)

Re: Re: Dude

Can you teach me some of your migic? I wants to make a cool one sorta like that but different.

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 10:31, 27 January 2011 (EST)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Dude

I guess thats all right, Ill have to try and find my own way :P

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 10:39, 27 January 2011 (EST)

Re: *sigh*

Al is working on that.;)

This time, I would suggest a random name generator is in place, somewhere.

- SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 16:37, 27 January 2011 (EST)


Very good Job. What program(s) did you use to make that one?

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 18:08, 27 January 2011 (EST)

Re:Dear god what have we done.....

I understand your confusion. It is quite tough now. I would like you to (if you can) continue to welcome all accounts but mark them if they make an edit that deems them as a spammer/bot.

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 23:25, 27 January 2011 (EST)


Nice sig lol... But uhhh....Was that a Pokemon? xD

Akiskull.PNG 23:30, 27 January 2011 (EST)

HoF PvP Tournament

As you have been a great help to many on the wiki, it has been suggested to me that I ask you this;Would you be willing to become a temporary Hall of Fame Representative and help monitor battles for the HoF PvP Tournament? Please notify me if you wish to help out-Thanks

Akiskull.PNG 00:10, 28 January 2011 (EST)

Regarding Bots

It's good that you game the delete templates for the pages they created, but please don't create the user pages. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 07:21, 28 January 2011 (EST)

I usually check contributors of pages to see who to block... it just adds more work is all =P --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 07:38, 28 January 2011 (EST)


Perfectly understandable :P lol Tim just thought I should give it a try :3

Akiskull.PNG 18:29, 28 January 2011 (EST)


LOL Nice banner :D

Akiskull.PNG 23:01, 28 January 2011 (EST)

Oh get this, Demon Blade54 (Leader) didn't even know about the clan xD


Hey, next time I ask for an alliance, can I borrow your sigs pic? xD

Snapshot 151.PNG 21:42, 31 January 2011 (EST)

  • What do you use to make them?

Snapshot 151.PNG 16:45, 1 February 2011 (EST)

  • lol Nevermind, but thanks :D I used GIMP and made this...well GIMP and some online thingy...But hey, it's my first try with GIF Images...


Xbox Achievments

Can you make me one for 35GP saying Wiki Stalker Pro???

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 17:35, 5 February 2011 (EST)


Thank ya

Thanks, sorry for taking time outta your scheldule, but Imma make that my sig :D

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 01:57, 8 February 2011 (EST)

Um, sir SIR pick me

Yeah, yeah me in the front, no not him me, no thats an apple ME! Ok thanks you, now my question(s) are "Why wont my achievement work as sig?" and "Why did you put it as a gif?"

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 02:11, 8 February 2011 (EST)

Man youre good

but I still need to know how to do it in sig

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 03:35, 9 February 2011 (EST)

I gots it


--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 04:01, 9 February 2011 (EST)


Whats happened to the wiki we have been gone for over a year and everything has changed everyone takes it to seriously Now. People dont remember when we used to have clans for fun it saddens me to see clans like this.


You forgot my sig.

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 02:28, 13 February 2011 (EST)

Why Thank you.

Why thank your for editing my user page instead of just talking to me. Your contribution was much appreciated.



How would you like me to prove it?

bet ya fell stupid now..


/awkward cough


Heres your banners worse!

Worse Doughnut Banner left.png Worse Doughnut Banner right.png


Look if you can't see it I don't care. Stop pestering me, If you wont to know how i got the account talk to me ingame. Stop posting on my god damn wall about your nonsense.



What program did you use to make those AE sigs? HellHound173 - LycanFangMascot.gif 08:45, 14 February 2011 (EST)

Re:Dead Clan

Remind me, what clan would that be?

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 22:14, 14 February 2011 (EST)

Phoenix Gods, Shuted Down?

Greetings of Peace WORSE DOUGHTNUT!!, I was planning to check out ur clan but i think it shuted down? then i looked up in the clan lists but ur clan wasn't there wat happened?,

This is ReikaBieber of Salazengrum,

How do you do your GIF's?

Send me the link, or you know, whatever :D

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 02:52, 17 February 2011 (EST)


I just meant the GIF's, and thanks for telling me, I dont have any of those programs (D:) so yeah!

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 15:57, 17 February 2011 (EST)


The Betrayed? Yeah of course, since Demon Blade54 helped me rat them out...But really?! LOL I think that is like their 5th clan xD! Dude, I'm going to LOVE to see how this plays out...

Snapshot 151.PNG 17:56, 18 February 2011 (EST)

Happy Birthday! :D

Well, I know this is kind of early, but let me be the first to say...

Happy Birthday Worse Doughnut!

Happy Birthday! :D

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 00:57, 19 February 2011 (EST)

Happeh berthdeh :P

h3ll0 w0rs3 d0ughnut! 1 w4nt3d t0 t3ll y0u h4pp3h b1rthd3h!

Banner of Deathbringer Seath.png
Banner of Deathbringer Seath2.png

Sorry if I missed it

Happy birthday donut, ava good one!

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 05:02, 24 February 2011 (EST)


I would like to pvp you to see who is better!!!


ok, but are u actually tiered of me?

it is ok!?!?

is it ok if i take your saying we will never die only to rise from the ashes since your clan i dead.

sincerely: winner10 000 my talk


I knew you hated me so thanks for nothing on that.

sincerely: winner10 000 my talk

I swear I need to know you

You are heaps like me XD btw, go eat monkey poop (Ive been using it all night)

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 04:18, 3 March 2011 (EST)


First, what is this ¿Espera, Que? Second, I just noticed that you seem to be quite stubborn (no offence) like me, as I saw on 4brothers talk page

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 23:55, 3 March 2011 (EST)

Lol Ok

I dont speak much Spanish. And I understand, I hate a lot of people like that (Seriously, and they try to be my friend O_O), but how exacly did he come under another IP adress? I understand that he could be at another house or a public place, but thats unusual. I knew Winner1000 when he was Winner1000 and I didnt actualy like him when he was Winner1000.

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 17:41, 4 March 2011 (EST)


Thank you bro. You did not have to do that at all.

Master rogers


Yea, I agree with you.

Master Rogers

Slow Down

First of all, we changed the Clan Protection page:
Clan Protection

Also please note SysOps have the power to only change the Clan_Editor rights to a person, but not withdraw it from them. I'll...get back to you with the link..

EDIT: Here ya go ^_^ User Rights Management

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 23:49, 6 March 2011 (EST)


I leave for 3 days and you go all SysOp? I'm gonna tell your mommy on you!

Nah, kidding. Gratz dude, you earned it :D!

Snapshot 151.PNG

Good word for me? I am Chuck Norris, I already have good words put in for me!!! O_O"

  • Ninja kicks this next wrod. See, I even scrambled digital text by kicking it. O_O

Snapshot 151.PNG 00:04, 7 March 2011 (EST)

  • xD
  • If you're gonna be online here, mind actually logging on AQW? Just a thought...
  • I play AQW from my Wii all the time lol

  • lol Hey, while your at it, can you order me a pizza? :3
  • Where's my cheeze stickz and root beer?!? >;o
  • xD *cough* I mean, REFUND! REFUND! REFUND! lol

Re: SysOp Questions

I'd be happy to give you the coding. But be aware, I use different coding from other SysOps. If you'd really like the "original" coding ask Beta wolf or Nafets. Anyway, as you said not to flood your talk page, I sent you a PM on LoreForum. If you don't get the PM, please notify me, as I may have not sent it correctly.

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 00:50, 8 March 2011 (EST)


The clan Void would like to say congratz on bein a mod.... lol


OMG YOUR A SYSOP?!?!?!?!?!?

lol i knew it would happen eventually :D

--Mezkiel // My talk // Giveadamn.gif 12:12, 8 March 2011 (EST)


I Mr.Iloc would like to requestthe resotration of Clan:G.R.A.S.P. It was an alliance of clans formed by some of TheiLoc members and other people. It has been dormant for 2 years as DeathKnights said it can only be resotred once he had left, now that DeathKnight has left i would like to ask for it to be restored so we can bring back the group of friends and alliance we one had. G.R.A.S.P. Wasnt just an alliance of Clans it was a family



Dude it's PARTEH TIME!!! I just put you on the list of AQWorldswiki SysOps under the Guides category :D!!!

No seriously though, take a look. NOW it's officially time to parteh!! :D

Snapshot 151.PNG 13:33, 8 March 2011 (EST)

  • Pssssst, I took a drawing off of google, enhanced the colors, made the bird pretty-ful, and added some transparencies. Doubt you had the SAME one xD
  • Sooooooo, did you search for "Epic Phoenix" too? Hahaha, I was searching for a symbol for a rank in Defiance... I needed something as annoyingly proud as an eagle, but cooler than one too, so yeah. I went and search "Epic Phoenix" and got that lol
  • xD!!! I came up with like 18 maps of Phoenix, Arizona, a few time zones, 1 actual phoenix, and Pres. Bush with a shoe in freezeframe getting thrown at him xD

Clan Protection

While I....admire? your zeal, unless a clan has five members, we cannot offer them protection. Should they want it, they can apply for it following the link on the clan category page. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 20:10, 8 March 2011 (EST)


Our little Mez is growing up so fast...(O_O)


And by that I mean WHAT THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING HIM?! lol, Did you see that?

Snapshot 151.PNG 09:56, 9 March 2011 (EST)


The Clan is dead if you dont believe me check Knights of Swordhaven website

I understand seemed abit retarded me doing it lol. Anyway could G.R.A.S.P. be bought back now? Your probably want to know why it was deleted off the wiki DeathKnight used to have a clan and G.R.A.S.P. Claimed war on it then DK got angry and deleted the clan page saying it can only be bough back once hes left now hes left so its time for the return ;)

Yes I know why it was denied by other before. A player under the name of Jooda wanted to bring it back claiming his clan holds ownership although his clan never was in G.R.A.S.P. how do i know? My clan was in G.R.A.S.P.

Ok cool. Also could you send me the div from G.R.A.S.P.?


>.>... Log on :D?

Snapshot 151.PNG 12:23, 9 March 2011 (EST)


Congrats on becoming a sysop! Best of luck to ya.

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 16:35, 9 March 2011 (EST)



I question the ammount of adult supervision at your school, but...ok then, awesome :D!!! You win a cookie :D! Too bad I'm too lazy to upload a cheap cartoon food picture...Maybe if someone had given me rootbeer and cheezybread sticks e.e

Snapshot 151.PNG 18:05, 9 March 2011 (EST)

  • Oh, and NOW can you log on :D?
  • Dangit, oh and Mezkiel never charged ME for his air :D I must be special-ful O.o
  • The tastey banner?
  • Oh he never charged me.


== Welcome to the Wiki == I see that you have joined our humble community.<br> We hope that you can contribute in a positive way.<br> <br> Check out [[Help:Contents]] if you are not sure how to begin.<br> It tells you everything you need for getting started.<br> Also, remember to use your signature (~~~~) after posting on a Talk Page like this.<br>Oh, and remember to have fun! There plenty of cool things on here if you take a bit of time to explore. Best regards,<br>~~~~

Sounds a bit more friendly, and less robotic too o.o

Let me play with it...Use the old one for a bit, I can have a better version up in an hour...or less. Oh, and ARCHIVE YOUR TALK ALREADY :3

Welcome to the Wiki!

Hello, welcome to the wiki!
It's great to have you, and hope that you can contribute in a positive way.
If you need help, you might be able to find something here. Anything else, you could probably ask one of the other wiki members about.
Also, remember to enjoy yourself! In addition to a large supply of in-game knowledge at your fingertips, you can also find many interesting things.
If you ever post on talk pages such as this one,remember to put your signature (~~~~) at the bottom of your post so we know who sent it.
So, again, welcome to the wiki.

Best regards,

Go into edit,add your 4 ~'s and copy paste this one :D

And you made a banhammer GIF? I'm so proud :D

Snapshot 151.PNG 18:45, 9 March 2011 (EST)

I agree with Aki

I was away for a few days and you are a Sysop?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Nah, congratulations, you earned it after all of the hard work you do on the wiki. Another reason why I was going to post on here was because you were thinking of re-starting the auto-mated welcomes. I think that instead of sounding robot-ey (As you described) we should use the new account coding (Or whatever.) and use a more friendly greeting to post on their talk page auto-matically. Thats all I have to say for now, ciao (see what I did there?)

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 19:32, 9 March 2011 (EST)

Im confused on who posted

Lets just say its you as well (I posted on Akis page) and these are my reponses.

1. I thought they would of been auto-mated, thought there might of been a code or something to do it.

2. Ciao, now??? Rhymes XD

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 20:14, 9 March 2011 (EST)

BUSTED*3 snaps with attitude*

Dude...When you mass-copy/pasted those protection notices onto clan talks, you forgot to use the </div> code and all that...NOW every post anyone makes on said pages is stuck inside your mini box...happy fixing! :D

Snapshot 151.PNG 22:48, 9 March 2011 (EST)


That's most certainly IS Jooda, my own guys confirmed it. I refuse to see GRASP revived under my watch. It came, it was epic, then it failed. The story should end there. Thanks for letting me know though.

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 00:01, 10 March 2011 (EST)

I am NOT Jooda. If you dont believe me ask members of Theiloc on our website


Rollback basically undoes all of ONE person's edits until you reach another user's edits. BUT, rollback is unuseable if the user is the only contributer to the page.

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 00:06, 10 March 2011 (EST)


Because you held your breath for several hours (unlike aki) i will allow you to breath :D man im so generous ^.^

Mez1.png 02:14, 10 March 2011 (EST)


first comment FTW :D

ALSO your welcome for the oxygen :P

Mez1.png Quis custodiet ipsos custodes 11:42, 10 March 2011 (EST)


Hey worse, how do you do those fonts on GIMP? like the chronomancer font you used?

Mez1.png Quis custodiet ipsos custodes 14:02, 10 March 2011 (EST)


Come on!

pweeeety pweeease?

Mez1.png Quis custodiet ipsos custodes 16:08, 10 March 2011 (EST)


Worse, I know the secret!!! D****, am I right? Because it works for me...

Oh, and if so, let's drive Mez craz(y/ier) with it :D!!!

Snapshot 151.PNG 17:45, 10 March 2011 (EST)


Quite simple... the rule going on about guild groups and so on in the rules listing. I suggest paying close attention to the clan category rules section. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 20:04, 10 March 2011 (EST)


your so right its so pointless and just makes the bar annoyingly long, have you complained to Al about that fact??? Mez1.png Quis custodiet ipsos custodes 12:56, 11 March 2011 (EST)


  • Reads Mezkiel's talk*

I hate it too. And I just went into edit and read it there, it's so much easier.

Snapshot 151.PNG 16:10, 11 March 2011 (EST)


sorry about the do i do a colection? --With Respect Samson32798 18:14, 11 March 2011 (EST)

Code Error?

You didn't seem to </div> you Clan Protection notices. You now have 30+ clan talks with these big orange boxes containing other people's messages. Fix?

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 22:00, 11 March 2011 (EST)

Try </font></font></div> then.
Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 01:17, 12 March 2011 (EST)


Speed says "Yup" to your last post.

Snapshot 151.PNG 01:29, 12 March 2011 (EST)

Are you famous O.o

You archive your chat, and in two days, you have eleven posts =O

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 07:13, 12 March 2011 (EST)


Yes, yes I do. Now DON'T TELL MEZKIEL! lol

Snapshot 151.PNG 18:05, 12 March 2011 (EST)


VERY VERY VERY jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 19:08, 12 March 2011 (EST)


Ironic you're a sysop. I thought you hated them ~ I Am Legend DeathKnight for President 2012! 20:25, 12 March 2011 (EST)


That was fun today ahaha. I forgot to change my looks, so when I logged in my friend was like, What. The. HFIL?!?!?!?!?!

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My TalkAchievment for Spiker 64 by Worse Doughnut.gif 00:25, 13 March 2011 (EST)


one i play mine craft to!. 2 can you do me a faor and get me the links i sent invites to i sent one to the faction leaders


TheSovietUnion Strange i never played multi. yet but ya got the beta


Yeah srry bout that spiker wanted me to do something ill make sure I put a description next time :D Oh and do u know why some of my images have been deleted from the wiki that I was using for my user page?

link broke

the links broken D:


found it!

Nevermind again

they broke

once again

wont login to server!

ok i need help with this

so confusing

hold on

installin some mods

ok done

titles says all

Re: D:

Sorry you two. I was working on my project and had AQW on auto-click. Sworry!

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 18:29, 14 March 2011 (EDT)

Re: Typo

  • Want me to roll it back to before I fixed the typos. I taught they were real typos sorry

--Sysop Village Idiot 22:45, 14 March 2011 (EDT)


Of my clan pages are protected how will other clan members be able to edit it?

== kk ==
tell me when youre on and server is up!

How about...

How about you just tell me the name of the font?

Mez1.png Quis custodiet ipsos custodes 16:55, 15 March 2011 (EDT)

Dis one

Dis one!

Worse Doughnut's Chronomancer Forum Banner.gif

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 17:17, 15 March 2011 (EDT)


How bout a clue?

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 17:21, 15 March 2011 (EDT)



wait can i say ***?

dont wont royal beta wolf banning mine again >.><.<

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway... can you give me a better clue?

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 17:25, 15 March 2011 (EDT)

on now

on now


WHY YOU LITTLE **** *** ***** ************** ************* ************* ******** ****** **** ILL ********* **** AND YOURLL HAVE TO **** SIDEWAYS!


p.s. please if you wont tell me the website atleast tell me the font?

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 17:29, 15 March 2011 (EDT)

I know

I know you havent really banned anyone but still i couldnt resist now that ive kinda got the hang of renderering


Mezkielfabianreaper.png 17:42, 15 March 2011 (EDT)


Remind me to look into that...Oh, does it need downloaded? And if so, can you give me a download link? If not can you give me the link to the site? Something? And can I have a large pepperoni pizza, olives, extra cheese, stuffed crust, and some rootbeer please? What's that? It costs $44.99? FTW cancel that order.

Snapshot 151.PNG 19:09, 15 March 2011 (EDT)

Holy Undead

Doesn't count as a clan until it has the Clan: prefix. I gave warning quite some time ago about how wiki members were being lazy and in some cases, had left it up to the sysops to do so they wouldn't have to. I also gave warning that anything that doesn't use the prefix's, etc would be instantly deleted if I saw them after this. I note that it's pretty much been cleared up since then. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 19:59, 15 March 2011 (EDT)

Party Moved To Saturday!

Ok Since We Became The Evil Faction Leader We Decided To Throw A Party. An You're Invited!

When?:Saturday 7pm gmt -05:00!

Where: Battleon-1337!

Can It Be Rescheduled: Depending On Amount Of People Coming !

Dress Code?: None. But Suits And Dress's Recomnded. Highly.

From: The Shadow Lords Of Destruction

Warning: Cake Is Eminent!


Its probably some user who got banned, if we carry this out he'll probably just flame sysops and get banned. again.

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 13:16, 17 March 2011 (EDT)


Beta wolf actually censored it when i said the word *** (i censored it for him but we all know im talking about donkeys!)

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 13:18, 17 March 2011 (EDT)


O_O So, download link :D?

Snapshot 151.PNG 17:45, 17 March 2011 (EDT)

  • Oh, and what is "AEF," becasue everyone seems to hate it and/or know something about it that I don't...I don't even know what AEF is, but I'm just guessing it's AE Forums... But seriously, what is it and what happened with it?
  • lol Hi Anthony! >:D
  • Yeah, now GET BANNING
  • That my SysOp, now keep up the good work :D...Oh, and I got to use the banhammer gif for the first tiem and a "Ban dis person" signal :D
  • lol, and what was with that guy? Who made him mad on this wiki...? And for now, I'll use the gif until you make Mez's copy cooler >:D
  • Oh, and OMG OMG OMG PLAY THIS!!!

Zombies, ftw

  • Looks the exact same on my talk...
  • lol fine, I'll use that one >:D


Lol, but I have to admit, that is pretty epic. I dont even know how you did it.

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My talk 01:55, 18 March 2011 (EDT)


how did you change the background, worse? Banhammer.png

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 03:48, 18 March 2011 (EDT)


I request you delete the Knights of Swordhaven clan page as the clan has disbanded


For the protection.

--Signature.PNG // The Pirate Killers // My Talk Page // My Contibs 18:57, 18 March 2011 (EDT)



lol ftw

Snapshot 151.PNG 22:39, 18 March 2011 (EDT)


Thanks For Informing me ;o and sure i wont respond to him ;D

--Drakath569, An AQWorlds SysOp 00:51, 19 March 2011 (EDT)

Formal Application.

Hello, My user name is Mezkiel.

I would like to apply to work at your AEF Design Shop.

Here is an example:


Mezkielfabianreaper.png 09:02, 19 March 2011 (EDT)


my username is Mezkiel

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 10:45, 19 March 2011 (EDT)

here ya go

Here ya go bossssssss!


hope its upto standard :D

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 13:18, 19 March 2011 (EDT)

how do we....

How do we know whos doing which signiture, cause you dont like say "ok Oreobelle ill do that" we just give them it and we dont want both of us working on the same one xD

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 04:03, 20 March 2011 (EDT)




Mezkielfabianreaper.png 13:35, 20 March 2011 (EDT)


Thanks for the cake.

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 15:21, 20 March 2011 (EDT)

The Knights of Swordhaven

The Knights of Swordhaven ( got an inactivity warning from you, but we've been closed for some time now. You can go ahead and delete that page from the wiki.

- SlyCooperFan1

Welcome message!

I welcomed a new user to the wiki, I was browsing user list and I saw date created and thats when I posted it! It is here guy I welcomed

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My talk 19:57, 20 March 2011 (EDT)

Clan Activity Notices

Any removal of this message without making an edit will result in immediate clan disbandment.
Should look like:
Any removal of this message will result in immediate clan disbandment.

We don't want too much confusion....

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 00:34, 21 March 2011 (EDT)


Log on? :D Oh, get this. My Drawing and Painting teacher says we need to design a monument to a bagel! :D I said it should be a doughnut and she said I could do a doughnut :D Since you're the doughnut expert, how would a Statue of Liberty holding a doughnut instead of a torch do? lol Now I'm hungry for doughnuts.

Snapshot 151.PNG 20:38, 21 March 2011 (EDT)

  • k Thanks :D

SysOp Achievement.png

plz plz plz plz

I need you to ban an ip addres plz


yes i am asking for an ip ban but because aqw user rushlolkill has spammed my page. Also i can not edit my clan page why is this!!!!

Possible bot?

Check this guy out >____>

Mezkielfabianreaper.png 14:52, 25 March 2011 (EDT)

Im becoming the new non-sysop you XD

I have another edit :D

My two favourite sets sprited.png

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My talk 05:08, 26 March 2011 (EDT)

Holy Undead

I was sure I already gave a response to this... thought you were going on about it a second time 0.o Doesn't help that uni eats up my time... and sleep... point is, if there's no clan: prefix to begin with, it isn't a clan. As for clan rules... there are several on the page itself and is titled in bold... perhaps a read here before you begin... and something noting that without the prefix it will be automatically deleted... although I still note that people no longer rely on sysops to do it for them. --Beta Wolf, An AQWorlds Wiki SysOp. | (Talk Page) 01:45, 28 March 2011 (EDT)

RE: You've made a No-No

Hello this is User:Timothy Dragonslayer Founder and Leader of DragonLord Assassins I am only the leader of DragonLord Assassins I am not the leader of any other Clan, if you are saying this becuz I am on the edit page for some another Clan page its cause those are my allies and my friends I am not the leader. If I am not supposed to edit their pages I am sorry I am sorta new at this so I am sorry if I broke any rules, PLEASE do not delete either of them I am only the leader of DragonLord Assassins. I have not made any other Clans! PS. If you have to delete one dont delete DragonLord Assassins.

--Timothy Dragonslayer 20:31, 28 March 2011 (EDT)

--opako-- Please delete our clan because it was already disbanded because i forgot to verify my account YinYang and it was expired. Sorry for that. You can now delete clan YinYang. Thank you.

March 29, 2011


Not Inactive.

Hello this is Ongpk1 one of the founders of ShadowsOfChaos and we are Not Inactive. There just hasnt been much to do.

  • May the ShadowsOfChaos live on forever... 04:28, 29 March 2011 (EDT)


Hehe, if I may quote you..."Way to keep the peace, Mez" lol...Anyway. so was I, but I just copy pasted Tim's notifications lol

Snapshot 151.PNG 18:07, 29 March 2011 (EDT)

  • Tim posted without having them think he did at least....Be right back, time to check lol
  • No wars mentioned, no choice given O_O
  • Then what's with the title "Spam Link" lol
  • I got rid of that link forever ago >:o lol

DragonLords Alliance to the Pheonix Gods

Hello again Worse Doughnut. I know this is a bit late but i didn't see your alliance request from a while ago on my clan's discussion page, but I would be glad to accept if you will still accept this.

Sincerely, Dragon Lord Jub Jub

Same things from the DragonLords

i was looking at the Dragonlord assassins and in their rights sections and the ranks it looks as though he just took everything from the DragonLords page and put it on his. If you could please look into this further. the same thing goes for basically everything else he has written on his clan page. i dont think its fair that he is taking all of the things i made and using them.


I'm not sure, but if someone really wants to make a clan on their user page, let them. I don't think deleting their page is right, I just think you should make sure it stays off the "Clans" category. If someone really wants to list clan things on their user page, it's not really fair to take away that right...Since in all reality, it is a user page and not a clan, have you considered just telling this person that unless they really like their clan works on a user page, they could just move it all to a clan page? I mean, I'm still no SysOp, but that didn't seems exactly fair...

Snapshot 151.PNG 18:14, 30 March 2011 (EDT)

  • xD I did notice your fishy :D Very nice!!! And vandals just got pwned.
  • Note, the original message was directed towards User:Dome
  • 1st of all, LOL you need to teach me this new art. Second of all, if a player doesn't want their clan listed, and if they didn't make a page without a prefix for it, and if it is a page that begins with "User:" it still is a user page and not a clan page. That means that so long as it is not inappropriate, they should have the freedom to control a small clan from their, just not have it registered in any of the wiki's provided clan services.
  • Well, it would still be more productive to give them a red link to the page they want to make and tell them to make it there instead...
  • xD ftw, now, I dare you to try making an image of a character in-game O_O
  • lol, but Worse, remember how you supposedly disliked quite a few SysOps for...certain reasons...and you user the quote "Be the change you wish to see" to allow yourself to become one? Is the change you wished to see merciless deletion of a problem that could have been easily resolved in a much more friendly way,without deleting another person's user page? I'm just saying, there was another, much more friendly way to deal with it...I'm just not a huge fan of some SysOps because it's always delete first, solve last. C'mon dood don't be dat way D:
  • You should just restore it and leave a red link on Dome's talk so he/she/it can make a real clan if they feel like it :D!!!


  • nope not getting until it comes out on, becuase I also want to get the Aqworlds book so I can get the staff. Thank you for doing that update. With my new job I cannot keep up with all the releases and my massive update project is going to take a very long time. Somehow we got to thank Khoje for all help.

Also I wont be doing any updates for the next few days because of passover so Happy holidays to all. --Sysop Village Idiot 13:19, 18 April 2011 (EDT)


First post! Win!


Cookie :D

Anyway, you should really restore the page and leave the guy a redlink on his/her/its talk page so he/she/it can re-make it as a registered clan :/

Snapshot 151.PNG 18:52, 30 March 2011 (EDT)

  • Thanks :D
  • I'm on Zhoom <.<
  • You are Chucknorrisapproved.PNG


i did not know he was a staff member but it would not be pointless. If i won i would earn a lot more respect and i believe so would my clan.

sincerely: winner10 000 my talk


Entered :D Thanks for telling me :3

Snapshot 151.PNG 20:50, 30 March 2011 (EDT)


Well, I updated Meridional Winds' page, so, please don't delete it, ok?

Dusk of Meridional Winds 21:27, 30 March 2011 (EDT)


U could of at least put up a notice saying u were going to delete the clan void since it was "Dead".... this is why ppl dislike wiki mods...


Don't really want it restored it's just gonna get spammed on or something else. If you want a clan wiki isn't the place. It's most likely going to be deleted if your not an Sysop.Anyway have fun since it's April fools.:P

--xXDeathOrGloryXx 11:08, 1st April 2011


Sorry, I was just busy in real life with other things so I couldn't update my clan page. The applications have crammed up in the clan e-mail inbox, I'm now working on recording all members that have applied to join. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

--Gorilla Warrior 23:15, 1 April 2011 (EDT) of King Alteon's Legion


I am litterally laughing out loud at my catergory. But isnt that catergory, a paradox? O_o

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My talk 21:21, 2 April 2011 (EDT)


I edited my clan page The Great Alliance --[[image:Sig_by_C.D..PNG]] 20:36, 3 April 2011 (EDT)


Worses caterogries herpaadeeeeerp-ifanyoneelseusesthisillbeangry.jpg

--Spiker 64 // Hall of Fame Official // My talk 01:58, 4 April 2011 (EDT)


I gotz a potion too :D

Snapshot 151.PNG 23:32, 5 April 2011 (EDT)

Clan Deletion

When deleting a clan for whatever valid reason, please don't forget to delete the talk page too.

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 00:03, 6 April 2011 (EDT)

=D =D =D =D =D

See my signature for the explanation

--Spiker 64 // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 01:06, 15 April 2011 (EDT)


Well...ignoring the fact i was crying in a corner! You should also cry in a corner binkey boy! >:D

Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 04:43, 17 April 2011 (EDT)


He is a clan member of mine.

He does a lot of hacks believe me i known him for 3 months.

He have many account which he told that he hacked them.

So im warning every players and any clan to stay away from this guy


That'll be fine :D

--Spiker 64 // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 22:36, 17 April 2011 (EDT)


How do you make your images transparent? I try but I just can't do it! Help me! Please xD

--Spiker 64 // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 07:08, 18 April 2011 (EDT)


LOL seems reasonable just abit weird it doesnt say chronomancer class xD AHWELL, TROLLMAN AWAY!

Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 13:13, 18 April 2011 (EDT)

Ooooh yeah

lol I guess its a chrono glitch xD

sorru for all the accusations and what not xD

Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 13:42, 18 April 2011 (EDT)


Well its the 17 for me...damn time zones!

Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 15:25, 18 April 2011 (EDT)


Teeeeeeeeeeell me you son of a walmart doughnut

you getting cardclasher? Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 16:05, 18 April 2011 (EDT)

Thanks =D

Luckily a few days ago, I got around to downloading GIMP for my laptop, so no problem there! Now to make my photos transperent xD

And aren't you lucky! I wish I could get Card Clasher, but I live in Australia, and have to wait until next month!

--Spiker 64 // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 20:21, 18 April 2011 (EDT)

Pretty close to transperent

Take a look!
My two favourite sets sprited.png

--Spiker 64 // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 21:36, 19 April 2011 (EDT)

  • Hahaha, really, you do that much? That was as easy as cake, let alone the work load you have! Need anymore help *cough* lol jk. And I just got back from the movie Thor \(^_^)/
  • Good? It was so epic, I can't describe it. The only way to describe it is if Chuck Norris and Charlie Sheen joined in a body (I mean the good aspects of him. And taking away Chuck Norrises arthritis). Honestly, I recommend anyone who has ever lived to see it.


Ahaaaa. Music at its finest! ^\(^.^)/^

Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 14:00, 20 April 2011 (EDT)


Wowzerz... You scored CardClasher FAST!

Snapshot 151.PNG 23:49, 20 April 2011 (EDT)

Re:Contributor Banner

Lol, thanks.

Chibi3D.png // My Talk 18:46, 21 April 2011 (EDT)

Have a happy Easter Doughnut!

May all your days be filled wih chocolates and doughnuts! Have a happy Easter!

--Spiker 64 // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 20:49, 23 April 2011 (EDT)


I would say a lot of celebration profanity, but SOMEONE >.> would ban me so simply OMFG THANK YOUUUUUUU ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF YOUR EPICNESS :D cant wait :D

  • makes worse an epic banner*

Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 15:03, 26 April 2011 (EDT)

Re:HoF Official

Oh okay. Thanks.

ChibiScythe.png // My Talk 02:00, 28 April 2011 (EDT)

Crits baby!

Check out my smexy crits :P


Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 09:57, 29 April 2011 (EDT)


I'm SOOOOO excited :D! I ran into some random dude, never even saw him today, he goes up to me and screams "OMG OMG OMG UR AN AQW LEGEND!" :D

When I asked "Since when? e.e" He said "ur all over the wiki dude u come like 7 after xyo on the famous player list"

I doubt he's right, but OMG I'm so flattered ^(#^.^#)^

Snapshot 151.PNG 20:35, 30 April 2011 (EDT)


Lol are u stalking me? D: Kinda Busy Farming in HS :3

I Know That :3

--Drakath569, An AQWorlds SysOp 00:09, 3 May 2011 (EDT)

Re:Cease and Desist

Worse, the last part explains the rules. No creation of extra pages to mark alliances, which we are not doing, nor planning on doing. Not to mention, since KOTHS is heading the group, Extreme speed has made sure the rule(s) in question are not being broken. So, in all reality, no rules have, nor will be, broken.

Snapshot 151.PNG 19:48, 4 May 2011 (EDT)

Point proven. If you can find me any evidence of me breaking the rule in question, I'd love to see it. I'll be waiting...
Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 01:23, 5 May 2011 (EDT)


"I'm moving any discussion about what to do about RAGE on to the SysOp talk on Lore Forum, i dont need this spamming my talk, or anyone else's for that matter."

Don't you think your taking it abit far.. I mean there following a loophole and not technically breaking any rules I don't see the need to make a big deal abit it.

Mds.PNG // My Talk // Defiance // 08:26, 6 May 2011 (EDT)

Your Little Orange Boxes...

...are everywhere!!! On all the talk pages, they're overlapping everything else that people touch XD No idea how to fix them, tried several solutions, and none of them worked. Don't you think it would be best if you touched upon them yourself? They're a blight on other people's discussion pages that I don't dare to touch, since they're neither my discussion pages nor my posts. However, they do hamper discussion.

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 15:33, 7 May 2011 (EDT)


Wonder who added that last little tidbit referring to alliance groups. As far as I remember, they were always allowed. The Anti-Chaos league got off the ground because of it. By denying them now would be to ignore the wiki's past, and thereby smother what little bit is left of the clans still here. Ever wondered why we're down from 110 clans to our current number of what...less than 30? Days were most active around two eras, G.R.A.S.P. and I.N.S.A.N.E.

I'll get on Loreforum in a little bit. Thanks for letting me know. But I want to ask you for the moment to hold off on deleting anything, for the sakes of allowing the experiment to continue a little longer. God knows, if you shut this down now, clans are more than happy to continue their downward spiral out of existence. All about breathing a little life into this wiki.

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 15:49, 7 May 2011 (EDT)


His organization could use a little work. If no one joins, then we know we have a problem with activity XD but in any case, I have confidence in my abilities to run this show. I did it once before with I.N.S.A.N.E., and I hope I can pull it off again. Thanks for giving me the chance :)

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 15:57, 7 May 2011 (EDT)

Ah Well

I hope the discussion on the loreforum turns out for the better. Beta's hellbent on crushing what's left of the clan system here, if he's going to choke out anything with a chance of breathing.

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 10:56, 8 May 2011 (EDT)

holy fuuuu


Get your mouse of my sig you damn, dirty editer! // My Talk // Defiance // 12:26, 8 May 2011 (EDT)

Lol wow I have like 3 baloons xD

Get your mouse of my sig you damn, dirty editer! // My Talk // Defiance // 12:41, 8 May 2011 (EDT)

Cheme out!

See my title pwease! :D

--Spiker 64 // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 03:43, 10 May 2011 (EDT)

RE: mana golem

fixed their was a problem in the code of the monster template. I think we should lock templates that only sysops can edit them because I had to fix this problem with this template before. --Sysop Village Idiot 21:38, 11 May 2011 (EDT)


I really appreciate it xD. Pfft, no one even commented it on the forums...

Ferine 18:31, 12 May 2011 (EDT)


Well, the reasons are two-pronged. First, it's to test the creativity and thinking of our applicants, and weed out the ones who don't read directions properly. Second, it's to toss a little humor into all of our lives :)

--Red Blizzard of Requiem 23:30, 12 May 2011 (EDT)

Ok here it is

The guy thinks that he has a cool clan and that they must copy him. he's full of pride. according to my understanding.


Im just asking permission if i can create an example Clan Page.

Because I WILL HELP the "Legion Clan" in Editing their Clan page.



reaper.gif Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Sovereign of Defiance // My Talk 15:52, 18 May 2011 (EDT)


Dont you think this guy should be banned longer than 3 months?

reaper.gif Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Sovereign of Defiance // My Talk 16:02, 18 May 2011 (EDT)

lol part 2


WTF lol

reaper.gif Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Sovereign of Defiance // My Talk 16:12, 18 May 2011 (EDT)


Must remain active (At least one productive edit by a normal user monthly). We need a clean up.

-- Drake, Genesis 22:34, 20 May 2011 (EDT)

Re: Warning?


-- Drake, Genesis 09:47, 21 May 2011 (EDT)


IKR how sad D:


Mezkiel Fabian Reaper 23:21, 25 May 2011 (EDT)


Say I uploaded a file saying "LycanFangMascot" on it. Shouldn't another clan at least ask my permission before using it? Or is anything uploaded on here wiki property and can be used by anyone? The clan Knight Riders used my clans (wasn't being used at the time as I used it for a sig and took it off our page by accident) Mascot without our permission. HellHound173 - My Talk - My Gallery 14:40, 26 May 2011 (EDT)


I uploaded the file LycanFangMascot.gif a while back. The clan Knight Riders is using that file with out my permission, they didn't upload a new version they're using the original file I uploaded. (Its under Clan Assignments on their page.) HellHound173 - My Talk - My Gallery 07:37, 27 May 2011 (EDT)

The DragonLords

Hello this is Dragon Lord Jub Jub, I am sincerely sorry that the DragonLords clan wiki has gone a little in active the past few days if not weeks. My grades have dropped and I have been trying hard to raise them to be able to get back on and I have also recently acquired a job and my hours sometimes permit me from logging on anything especially my computer itself. I will try my best to get on more, don't punish my clan for things going on in my life at the moment. I'm working on solving them and many other things. Thank you.

Dragon lord Jub Jub

Hey worse


i want my clan page "Neutral Knights" get protected.

That only i can only edit


Any chance you can make me a signature like you made for other members if you have time. --Sysop Village Idiot 22:34, 30 May 2011 (EDT)

  • Basic Layout: Just a Banner with my name similar to this one Manpreet21 3rd banner by Worse Doughnut.gif
  • Font: Any script font
  • Color: Green
  • Background: The Trunk in Greenguard (East), If possible make look like I'm standing on the trunk as if its a podium
  • What you want it to say: It's Good to Be in Charge, The Village Idiot
  • Watermark Yes/No: Yes

--Sysop Village Idiot 18:48, 31 May 2011 (EDT)


I Tied my own tie foo!!.jpg

LMAO Do we have a running joke invovling ties that I'm not aware of? xD

Also You look like 7 xD I bet your tiny >:D

Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Sovereign of Defiance // My Talk 04:54, 1 June 2011 (EDT)

Edit by Aki:

ROFL true dat! lol

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 05:14, 1 June 2011 (EDT)

Challenge Accepted!

I'm on half term though (^____^)

But monday my tie will own your tie! >:D

Evil laugh.gif

Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Sovereign of Defiance // My Talk 06:57, 2 June 2011 (EDT)


Bet you 3 and a half good ties you havent got rank 10 doomwood >:D

First Person Here With Rank 10.png


Hey,back been busy I would like my clan back if possible thank you,

Master rogers



lol Don't you love Nyan cat? I watched the hour long video today and want to KILL that stupid popcart cat.



Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 00:14, 5 June 2011 (EDT)


-- FUDGE YOU! Nyan cat is epic! Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Sovereign of Defiance // My Talk 13:49, 14 June 2011 (EDT)

Edit By Captin Derethor: You want NYAN!!! NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^

NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ NyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyanNyan Win^_^ --link= Derethor // My Page // My Talk 03:15, 28 June 2011 (EDT) Check the coding for this

RE: Help

I know what you mean I usually let non template edits to stay and try to explain to the editor how to fix and they usually learn quickly. However, I'm going to be really busy until about the June 24 with my work. So I will try to catch up edit and stuff but I have not even had a chance to start the doom wood storyline yet. --Sysop Village Idiot 21:08, 13 June 2011 (EDT)

lol I wish it was a necro stats!

Cysero / Zhoom / Minimal just ****** up the char panel xD

its the same for other class

and rank 2? LOL nooooob!

Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Sovereign of Defiance // My Talk 13:08, 14 June 2011 (EDT)


lol oops

Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Hall of Hame Apprentice // My Talk 01:44, 15 June 2011 (EDT)


Long Time No See.. How Have You Beeen? 2 Things

2: Im Making a Minecraft Sever For My Clan . Need Help Building And Making And All. Wanna Help? --Master Sheperd 22:21, 16 June 2011 (EDT)

Worse, check the history for his 1. I removed it. As pointed out to myself in the past, do NOT discuss any hack/illegal related things on this wiki.

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 22:57, 16 June 2011 (EDT)


Ooooh... Sorry I was afk. AFK and fighting you ask? Cant tell you on aqw wiki >.><.<

Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Hall of Fame Apprentice // My Talk 08:26, 18 June 2011 (EDT)

Best day ever!


There gone forever!

that right there has made my day (^___^)

Mezkiel Fabian Reaper, A Hall of Fame Apprentice // My Talk 08:52, 18 June 2011 (EDT)


Was hacked, Account has been recovered but they deleted and replaced my contacts, I got my own back on him by destroying his account. Anyway need to re add you.

Mez Waz Here 16:25, 24 June 2011 (EDT)


Can you log onto sir ver so i can re add?

Mez Waz HereWe're gonna get you... 14:37, 26 June 2011 (EDT)


I did this IN REAL LIFE and took this picture. Enjoy :D

Burn the evil one!.jpeg

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 18:35, 1 July 2011 (EDT)

Deleters, Assemble!

In one day, we accomplished the impossible, we deleted the whole to-be-deleted catergory :D

Spiker64!// Clan Hall of Fame Official//SysOp!

(Check the coding for it :D)


Worse Im back on the Wiki and on AQW we should hangout man, its been along time since we last did haha. Im usaly on Nythera.

Dlosh 13:41, 2 July 2011 (EDT)


Dude i wasn't even really being serious...
I was confused why you got so serious (o.O)

14:47, 2 July 2011 (EDT)

You two, STOP arguing. I don't care what you're fighting about, but when it gets brought up to me, it better be important. Unless this is a life or death matter, here's the simple truth: It's a game. The more you people and Death_Element clash, the more chaos I have to deal with. It isn't doing any good, so consider your argument over and forget it ever happened.

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 19:00, 2 July 2011 (EDT)

An "anonymous" user complained today about this e.e


Oh no, it's all good ^_^ I mean, maybe you should ban Al, Extreme speed, possibly Spiker. Just sayin' I think they're up to something! lol

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 20:33, 10 July 2011 (EDT)

Re: Grrrrrrr...

Being a SysOp is a privilege, not a right. I made the decision to block Master Sheperd as a SysOp, not a common wiki user. The block was based on Master Sheperd's actions, not my feelings/opinions towards him. You won't get a medal/prize for most bans/blocks.

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 22:18, 10 July 2011 (EDT)



Also how dare you link me to your collection instead of talk!
I feel violated!

Mez Waz HereFor The Lulz! 17:01, 12 July 2011 (EDT)


Yo can you ban these guys?

User:Pharaon atem User:Hachu

Look at there contributes / necromancer edit history to see why.

Mez Waz HereFor The Lulz! 14:02, 13 July 2011 (EDT)


Revenge is sweet! and cross dressing...

Mez Waz HereFor The Lulz! 14:28, 13 July 2011 (EDT)

Option 2, ofcourse!

lol Took me like 15 minutes to get all the pieces together, i was gonna get a different background but cba it was still funny and totally worth it! :D

Dont expect it to be the last >:D

Mez Waz HereFor The Lulz! 14:39, 13 July 2011 (EDT)


Whats it about then :P?

Mez Waz HereFor The Lulz! 04:29, 16 July 2011 (EDT)

Lol, I present to you...Lag to the extr-wtf?

Whoa whoa whoa. Is it just me, or is that guy missing a torso? And wtf, are those two miniature armors lying sideways in mid air? Is that still counted as lag? I mean WHA?!

Wtf lag lol.jpeg

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 10:51, 16 July 2011 (EDT)

DK is back and better than ever.

Yep, I'm back. Wiki needed some help. Lots of stuff is done wrong (Nulgath-related pages especially), so I returned.

lol. Remember when your talk page was like a gallery and you wouldn't let anyone edit it? ~ I Am Legend DeathKnight 20:07, 18 July 2011 (EDT)


Worse, do you know if they will release UW3010 again :3? I'm thinking of collecting a lot of Dages items :3

--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 08:02, 19 July 2011 (EDT)

Oh /cry is me, yo ho ho and a bottle of Orange Juice.

--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 00:09, 20 July 2011 (EDT)


Dage posted before that abit after the release of his area hes gonna update his shop with two swords, an armour and another pet, two of which are ac (he didn't specify which) SO HA!

Mez Waz HereFor The Lulz! 13:47, 19 July 2011 (EDT)

I know...

Show off you are...

--Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 13:52, 19 July 2011 (EDT)


... No.

I demand...

I demand you tell me how you made this!

Worse Doughnut's Birthday Banner by Worse Doughnut.gif

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 14:41, 19 July 2011 (EDT)

RE: Requiem Talk

I never deleted talk pages when deleting clans because if the page is restored, then the original talk could still be there, but I guess the talk page should go too. Also, I never really supported clans, and even wanted them off the wiki when I was promoted. So I'm kind of actually waiting for all the clans to die off so I can get rid of them. No offense meant if you're in a clan. Just don't want unofficial stuff on here. Ruins our reputation, you know?

No, it's more than clans that bring people here. We come up first when you search AdventureQuest Worlds wiki, excluding the wikias. We also have an established player base since the URL is easier than the official one. Plus we have me, and everyone knows I'm awesome </ultraego>
Heheh. You know, the funny thing is he can come back and unban himself whenever he feels like it. ~ I Am Legend DeathKnight 00:46, 20 July 2011 (EDT)


Heres a pic of it online.

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 18:38, 20 July 2011 (EDT)


I don't always eat bananas, but when I do, I prefer unrefrigerated. Free doughnut if you get the reference.

Hint: It involves Jonathan Goldsmith and something...interesting.
Correct. Now, if I were to hit you with a frozen banana, you would have to fight off the strong urge to thank me. ~ I Am Legend DeathKnight 13:44, 21 July 2011 (EDT)

"Hey, just a question. Do you put bananas in your refrigerator before you eat them? I feel they just taste better when they're eaten cold. How about you?

And no, lol, I'm not trolling, I'm just curious :3"

That's going down in the book of pointless questions from worse doughnut.
TTFN --Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 14:34, 21 July 2011 (EDT)

Bananas and winning.

Well since I just started the list; 1. But it will fill quickly knowing you! I bet i'll have my 100 by the end of the holidays.

Also I noticed you controlled my talk (>...>) But as we all know any thing can happen for no reason at any monkey dumpling animals never had a war, whos the real animal? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 15:21, 21 July 2011 (EDT)

The Crab.

You saw that? I turned around for one second and he got to the SiteNotice page. I got him though.

How could you, though? He was only up for thirty seconds.
So...Am I going to get banned for spamming the wiki?

What's this? I go out on a two hour killing spree and everyone's letting the crab out of the box, and I got banned, too? If I wasn't so awesome I'd have the whole lot of you drawn and quartered. This crab thing is too funny, and after all this time being on my user page, I think of it now.

I wonder what we could use that for. By the way, next Friday is Crab Day at the local aquarium. ~ I Am Legend DeathKnight 13:16, 22 July 2011 (EDT)


Click this link. It will show you the TRUTH!


Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 20:09, 21 July 2011 (EDT)

Oh, we're restarting that? Akiyama25 reporting to duty :D

Welcoming commitee

Welcoming committee reporting now sir! Is there any foil you would like me to eat, SIR?!

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 03:01, 22 July 2011 (EDT)


Dear Herp
I may have welcomed myself after seeing you upload the image
Sincerly, Derp

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 16:10, 22 July 2011 (EDT)


I shall change my template,
If you want to change everything I've done so far my small tie wearing herp derp, your free to do so

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 16:25, 22 July 2011 (EDT)


Welcome committee Page. Imma make one. That is all.

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 16:29, 22 July 2011 (EDT)


So is your face.

Stupid nutty...

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 16:32, 22 July 2011 (EDT)

A contest I say!

I say we have a contest! Over the next month who ever welcomes the most people wins! The prize? The winner chooses! (Aslong as it 'ent to stupid >.>)


You in?

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 16:10, 23 July 2011 (EDT)


lol fine, I doubt he'll manage it 'cause we get the new members so quick :P

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 19:31, 23 July 2011 (EDT)


lol my mom didnt know i was on the laptop and i had to dive for the mute button >.>

Mezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My Talk 02:46, 24 July 2011 (EDT)

Welcome to the Community!


I'd like to welcome you to the community here on the AQWorldswiki! Here you can find a treasure trove of information about the game, plus many added features like clans and a wide array of active users to chat with. We hope you can contribute and enjoy this wiki as mush as possible, so I've given you links to multiple help pages to get your started.

If you ever need any more help, plenty of people would be willing to give it! Enjoy the wiki and have a great time!

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 20:50, 24 July 2011 (EDT)

(This good enough?)

  • Pffft, what are you talking about? It was there the whole time! <.< >.>

wuvvin it!

lol its awesome!


Bannertest.pngMezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My TalkWelcoming committee.png 11:17, 27 July 2011 (EDT)

Clan Warning

I have gotten my 5 members, I will probobly continue to recruit more, also about that HOFO thing, how does it work, if you can be apprenticed would you mind having me as a apprentice?

--Lucuster The Fiend 12:16, 28 July 2011 (EDT)Lucuster The Fiend

RE: to that Re:

I didn't let him out. Who said I let him out? Why are you looking at me so suspiciously? I didn't do anything! I'm not crazy! *slapped*
Okay, I'm back. He got out, so he might as well roam around a little. ~ I Am Legend DeathKnight 12:28, 29 July 2011 (EDT)


I found that secret text on your page, you-you got some things you wanna talk about man? --link= Derethor // My Page // My Talk 13:02, 29 July 2011 (EDT)

I found the block too. Unfortunately, you get banned now for being sick, twisted, cruel, and unusual. If only your mother knew. May the Flying Spaghetti Monster take pity on you. ~ I Am Legend DeathKnight 13:18, 29 July 2011 (EDT)


Why'd you delete the Undead Slayer page I made?

It took me ages to write that all out. (D:)

I was going to finish the page when the class came out; I also spent ages taking all the skill thingys. - EverFroѕт~


Thanks, I'm new to the wiki, so I'm not really sure what I'm doing.

I always end up ahead of myself.

Thanks. - EverFroѕт~


Starlog, TLD4 lol.png

--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 23:42, 4 August 2011 (EDT)


Link to it -.-

--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 01:16, 5 August 2011 (EDT)



File:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.png MORTAL. THE ONE WHO HELPED THE ACCURSED DEAD KNIGHT (I KILLED HIM) TRAP ME IN THE ACCURSED CAGE OF A THOUSAND PONIES. YOU SHALL PAY,FOR I HAVE AN ARMY! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! File:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.pngFile:Dr RoboCrab PT 1.png

Sp-sp-sp-Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 03:47, 5 August 2011 (EDT)


You shall all pay! I have evolved! File:Dr RoboCrab PT 2.PNG I'll save- *Captin Derethor gets thwacked with a stick* All Hail RoboCrab!

Fastest Doughnut O' The West


Is your clan, The Pheonix Gods, still around o_O? I never get enough of that name...

Aand I have to ask: which users did you limit my clan page's editing rights to? Was it only me?

Forgot to add my signature, sorry <_<. Having to view editing history is a pain...

Now it is officially THE mess... still up to it tho!Ferine - Discuss, please do discuss ^^ // 20:02, 5 August 2011 (EDT)


I see... guess I'll remove the link later, then =/.

And yeah, please check if the user K-hirst has administration rights - if she doesn't, give them to her as well. She's supposed to be the wiki editor for my clan after all ^^". (Though I'll still keep editing the page.)

Ah well, thank you for your time o/.

Now it is officially THE mess... still up to it tho!Ferine - Discuss, please do discuss ^^ // 07:58, 6 August 2011 (EDT)

I thought...

A Nyan Cat was a cat inside a poptart with a rainbow shooting out the back end, and not a cat in a giant slice of bread. I just had an idea: RoboCrab vs Nyan Cat lol.

I don't know. It may have a chance. It is a meme after all. Snack suit cat vs. Psychotic Robot Super Scientist/Field Marshal of the Crab Legions/Mind-controlling extra-dimensional juggernaut seems pretty fair to me. Oh, find the doorway to RoboCrab's jail cell yet?
You want to know? The things you will see will haunt your mind more than looking straight into the eyes of Cthulhu. Oh, and it's on the wiki. ~ The power of RoboCrab compels you! DeathKnight 17:51, 6 August 2011 (EDT)


Awww, beat me to the delete :(

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 19:42, 7 August 2011 (EDT)

At least for a bit I am. Still very busy but I am working to come back. I like the welcoming part. Very nice work in my absence :). I am assuming you are in
charge of electing welcomers?
How goes life with you?--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 19:42, 7 August 2011 (EDT)
Well, I know Lucas personally so I'll talk to him and ask him what else he wants :). But boy do I remember those tests. It only gets worse :P --Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 19:52, 7 August 2011 (EDT)


I see your siggy (Worse Doughnut's Watermark.png) and was wondering if you could make me one with CD instead of WD or if you feel that it copies you too much put XV. So can ya make it :3? Sincerely, Welcoming committee.pngCaptin Derethor | My Page // My Talk // My Character Page 20:05, 9 August 2011 (EDT)

Clan making time

Isn't it a week? We don't have any legislation that I know of, so I'm going off of the membership grace period. ~ The power of DeathKnight compels you! DeathKnight 00:56, 10 August 2011 (EDT)

just making sure...plz read

sooo is my clan within requirement i just want you to check out the clan page


Do you mind giving me the template from your profile? - If so, post it on my user talk.



ty soo much


xD Epic win/fail.

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 12:24, 15 August 2011 (EDT)


Thanks again for the LQS nutty :D

Bannertest.pngMezkiel, A Hall Of Fame Apprentice, My TalkWelcoming committee.png 11:18, 16 August 2011 (EDT)


I dunno. Ask someone who's in charge lol. I'm just kinda here for providing ideas and helping around, but I haven't actually been assigned control over these things.

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 21:40, 17 August 2011 (EDT)

Good question, has Tim 'evere' thought to do that? lol

Akiyama25// A Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 22:43, 17 August 2011 (EDT)


Can I be in the welcoming committee yet. I HAVE welcomed ten people...

--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 00:51, 18 August 2011 (EDT)

How can I start a clan?

I wanna to start a clan on the aqw wiki?

Oh ya i want ti to be Air Clan i already made a website if thats ok o just wanna make it officail


Check this o.O

AQWorlds Design Notes Got Hacked.png

He who must not be named 09:53, 26 August 2011 (EDT)


They deleted in in like 10 minutes xD

He who must not be named 11:39, 26 August 2011 (EDT)


I posted it on AEF and look what they did

He who must not be named 12:12, 26 August 2011 (EDT)


Aye, I finally snapped. After ye say nay t' do somethin', an' swabbies still do 't, 't gets t' ye. Hopefully 't works this time.

`Tis always Talk Like a Swashbuckler Tide in September, especially when ye've snapped. ~ The power of DeathKnight compels you! Cap'n Death 11:17, 7 September 2011 (EDT)


Hardeedoo land-lubber. I be pillaging your mind and taking it over with the rum and parrots. Be prepared land-lubber.

Cap'n Spike-yar

Borgore And Quake

Borgore-Ice Cream
Borgore-Guided Relaxation Dub (Listen to this one espically)
Quake Register

Mezkiel of the Water, My talk |Mez of the water sig.gif 10:46, 10 September 2011 (EDT)

Hey Its Me Mistahanil123

I know i haven't made a contribution in a while now get to it in 2 days i was sick for a while...From:Mistahanil123(Clan:The Elites)


I've noticed a vandal. User:Juggernaut King has vandalized Meridional Winds clan page....Question I never realy understood what to do when I spot a vandal.. >.<

HellHound173 - My Talk - My Gallery - LFlogomini.png 10:48, 6 October 2011 (EDT)

Edit: DeathKnight got 'em but seriously if a user spots something before a sysop (happens rarely but still.) What do they do?


I checked zorbak server and it wasn't there... so in what way did I fail?

Mezkiel, Pony Vs. Pony Administrator, My talk |Join Us.png 11:49, 19 October 2011 (EDT)

Yeah... sure. Anyway Archive your page fool... I will release the kraken >.>

Mezkiel, Pony Vs. Pony Administrator, My talk |Join Us.png 17:14, 19 October 2011 (EDT)

Welcoming committee


Aerotrax here! thanks for giving me a chance to join the Welcoming Committee!

I have the two prerequisites done which are:

  • Must have a perfectly clean ban record
  • Must create a welcoming message and submit it for review

But I can't understand the third one which is: "You must then welcome 10 members to be allowed to join the committee."

I have also posted my own Welcoming message Here.

Hi again!

So, If I can use my custom message? Does that mean I'm in the committee, and I can use the banner?

And how do I know if a new member/person/user registers in the wiki?

Hi again!

I'm glad to say that I have completed the last prerequisite. I have posted my approved custome message to 10 new Users. Which were:

Well thats 10 of them, you can check them if you want =)

--Aerotrax~ =) 04:23, 21 October 2011 (EDT)Aerotrax~ =)

Can I join the Welcoming committee


Hi!My name is Xman12. And I was wondering if I can join the welcoming committee. I'm sorry if this is too much to ask but i would really like a position in the welcoming commiittee.Please reply soon

--Xman12~ ^-^ 07:53, 21 October 2011 (EDT)Xman12~

A request =)

Hi again! =)

First of all I'd like to thank you and the other Welcoming Committee leaders for accepting me.

  • My request is, Can I create my own Category?
  • I know I'm not an SysOp or an HoF but I wish you approve
  • The name Of the Category Is Aqworlds Wiki: Rated Awesome

The Reason why I would want this because I feel like I don't give back to the wiki, the wiki has given me more than the actual AQW, I know that I contribute and stuff but I still feel Like it isn't enough

The name of the category is Aqworlds Wiki: Rated Awesome because, There are so many people in the wiki that I appreciate, especially the SysOps and other wiki officials.

Please Approve

--Aerotrax~ =) 04:44, 26 October 2011 (EDT)Aerotrax~ =) // Proud Wiki User

Re: D:

Today? Sorry, I was checking on something that needed my attention :) I can log back in if ya like :)

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 11:43, 11 November 2011 (EST)

It's the Eye of the Stalker

I saw that *Cough*Class*Cough*. But it's funny, so I wont revert it lol

Akiglowsig.png//SysOp//A Clan Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 17:01, 28 November 2011 (EST)

  • Tsk tsk tsk, excuses excuses :3
  • Oh your so funny worse -.- The I.S.A. International Systematic Authority. // Contact 07:15, 29 November 2011 (EST)



Can you please suggest a program which can help me edit my signature please?

  • well I have GIMP 2, I just don't know how to use it... ^_^V


Aerotrax Avatar.png Aerotrax // A Hall Of Fame Apprentice // My talk


Haha, thanks. (:

AQW Wiki SysOp.png~ Mekoolness, Master of the Universe (Talk Page)AQW Wiki SysOp.png 20:09, 24 December 2011 (EST)

pic uploads

My pic is a BMP witch is not permited so what do I do?

Assassin Creed78--Assassin creed78 21:44, 24 December 2011 (EST)9:44 PM

Hello Worse Doughnut!

IM BACK! What's up man, we should meet in-game sometime, it's been awhile now haha, talk to me man when you gunna beonline?

Dlosh 17:33, 1 January 2012 (EST)

Hello Worse Doughnut!

IM BACK! What's up man, we should meet in-game sometime, it's been awhile now haha, talk to me man when you gunna beonline?

Dlosh 17:34, 1 January 2012 (EST)


I "accidentally" hit restore and peaked :O

Super secret testing zone security fail :D

Akiglowsig.png//SysOp//A Clan Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 17:14, 2 January 2012 (EST)


I saw the button thing on Ashari's talk.
Why don't you lot add the extension it's pretty cool.
--Isa My Talk 08:26, 3 January 2012 (EST)
Also you need to archive this page.


LOL Nice page. I'm so proud :D

U b trollin'

Akiglowsig.png//SysOp//A Clan Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 18:51, 3 January 2012 (EST)


Your so funny, but in the end your the one with the overpacked talk page! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! Isa My Talk 13:47, 4 January 2012 (EST)


Edit mah page again and Ah block choo for two hours >.>

Those numbers are meant to be there lol

Akiglowsig.png//SysOp//A Clan Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 08:56, 9 January 2012 (EST)

23279 is 1/3 of a larger number I have in which portions have been placed on different sites in different quantities. This number is relevant to Defiance's security in the fact that if I didn't do that, I'd forget it in a week lol The whole number just so happens to be an ID for -Insert top secret censor here-.

Re: Busy Bees make tasty honey :3

Haha, I'm actually not doing that much. I'm just re-doing all the weapon pages that have the armor template. xD

~ Mekoolness™ | AQWorlds Wiki SysOp (Talk Page) 18:56, 10 January 2012 (EST)

help me

Hello,friend my name is lander xtremex i heard that there is a need to ask for your permission to a sysop to publish guides in the category of the directories already and done 3 guides and as you are a sysop could you help me to publish my guides in the category of guides please,goodbye and thanks



Thank you for answering my question, unfortunately i'm not level 10 but realigning the guide on the insignia and the j6 when you are ready i notice,thanks


Twitter :3

Hi WD,
I just created my twitter acc. and your the first one I follwed :) If you see a username AerotraxAE or Aero Ikari thats me :)




Long time no talk, hows it been, do u remember me?


Hi Worse, I was wondering if there are more groups like the Welcoming comity can you give me a list of them on my user page? I am kinda interested in joining the welcoming comity the job is cool and I really want to know how you find the new registered user.

Seelkadooom's Loyal Pet Sig.png Seelkadooom // Leader of Lightning Riders // My Talk AQWORLDS WIKI USER.png Sent on: 02:10, 23 February 2012 (EST)

Re-archive -.-

Dude, your page is 300-ish posts long. It took me 40 seconds to scroll to the end of the summary part.

ARCHIVE! Rofl...

--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame OfficialFile:DRIFT logo spiker.png 02:36, 23 February 2012 (EST)

I. KNOW. RIGHT. --Isa My talk 14:17, 23 February 2012 (EST)


Here's another post just to annoy them :D

Akiglowsig.png//SysOp//A Clan Hall of Fame Official//My Talk 18:34, 23 February 2012 (EST)

Re: Re:


--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 17:10, 24 February 2012 (EST)


I was just wondering about the application process for welcoming committee,
As i would like to join and help the new members of the wiki to learn about and
enjoy the wiki as much as possible!
--Xliausx leader of vampireknight.jpg 04:32, 26 February 2012 (EST)


I was talking to Aki about this, you might have seen, but do you have any recollection of a clan just like it?
I'm sure i've seen it before and aki says he felt the same way but apparently no such page was deleted...
Do remember it? --Isa My talk 13:51, 26 February 2012 (EST)

I know right, was it drake? or possibly red blizzard who made a page like that called N.I.G.H.T. or something which was basically a wanna be G.R.A.S.P. / ILLUMINATI? --Isa My talk 13:44, 27 February 2012 (EST)

Welcoming Comitee

Hi! I was wondering if I could join the welcoming comittee? I will do my best to help out the people who are new to the wiki. I am sure I wont disappoint you guys and I will be the perfect recruit for it. :) Thanks.

AqwWalker's Sig.png //Founder and Leader of The Rising Souls 16:57, 29 February 2012 (EST)


Your slow! see here: [3] --Isa My talk 15:21, 2 March 2012 (EST)


Hi Worse I can't register on the ptro wiki can you tell me whats goin on there is a problem with the puzzle thing in account creation. It says "domain / ckey mismatch " and a random number and word code mix under it please if you can make a account for me check my E-mail address and make an account for me User name:Shadow E-Mail:Check my user page.

~Seelkadooom Text Sig.png // Leader of Lightning Riders // My Talk Sent on: 12:09, 5 March 2012 (EST)


I think you might have fixed something I made my account User:Shadow thanks for helping with this problem.

~Seelkadooom Text Sig.png // Leader of Lightning Riders // My Talk Sent on: 22:40, 5 March 2012 (EST)

Re: Restoration

In all due respect, I had full rights to remove it. Drake had not edited it for 31+ days, and was the appointed editor. When saying he hasn't edited, I mean, he hasn't contributed the ten edits to the wiki, which has now been fulfilled. I have restored ODW back to how it was, only as if I hadn't, you or Beta most likely would have, and then it would be a war I really wouldn't want to fight in.

--Spiker // SysOp // Hall of Fame Official 05:46, 28 March 2012 (EDT)


Hey whats up man! How have you been?

Avengers 03:49, 24 May 2012 (EDT)


I would like to state my reason of editing the 'Category:Clans' page. Al Gilman, explained to me about the 'WIKI CACHE' ... when it fails to work, the NEW edit in the Category fails to show up. In other words, some Clans don't show up when you're logged in, and some do when logged out and vice versa. In order to fix this, one has to edit the page randomly without destroying the structure.

-- Drake, The Order of the Dark Wolf 06:48, 30 May 2012 (EDT)

I don't do that.
-- Drake, The Order of the Dark Wolf 01:36, 31 May 2012 (EDT)

Templare doughnut

Call me crazy, but you seem to have messed up the nowiki signature on your template.--Isa 12:26, 31 May 2012 (EDT)

No problem...
By the way, i'm still annoyed at you for ruining my wonderful joke moment.--Isa 08:19, 1 June 2012 (EDT)

Thank You

Nice to have a welcome.
Minidan.JPG Dan Montoya AQW // My Talk 09:15 PM, 1 June 2012, Medellin, Colombia (EAST TIME)


Okay, thanks for your time and for explaining that to me. Also are the clan rules set and stone now ?

--KSI Beast 15:56, 11 June 2012 (EDT)KSI Beast

Worst Donut

Lol dude, I laughed a bit at that too. Someone's mad at you xD --SysOp Lizargeco // My Talk 15:53, 13 June 2012 (EDT)

My clan is not showing up

For some reason my clan is not showing up on clan page, can you help me fix that?

--Lucuster The Fiend//Leader of The Army of Darkness// 16:55, 15 June 2012 (EDT)

No Problem

I aim to please. What else is needed other than a link? Not much there to describe. Nice...err...typing(?) to you again, old friend(?). Ksatria Kematian 01:46, 16 June 2012 (EDT)

My clan is sill not showing up

My clan will show up when I am logged in, but does not show up when I am logged out? Is there a reason for that?

--Lucuster The Fiend//Leader of The Army of Darkness// 12:05, 17 June 2012 (EDT)

Make it more clearer how to register clans.

I was told that clans should be registered in this I made a accoount but I do not know where to begin the registration of the clan. Can you please tell me.


You made a coding boo boo, the font and div close aren't working.--Isa, An AQWorldsWiki SysOp, My Talk 12:53, 2 July 2012 (EDT)

I'll try in a sec, just downloading a brush--Isa, An AQWorldsWiki SysOp, My Talk 13:07, 2 July 2012 (EDT)


Hi thanks for the friendly welcome, i actually have 1 question i would like to ask. I made a clan page but for some reason when people try to find it under clan section it doesn't show but shows on my pc. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.

Thanks for the speedy reply, you were very helpful. I will do as you said, thanks again and enjoy the rest of your week.


No Problem, before "baby" it was "cute". btw you have a cute signature :3

Seelkadooom Royal.png//Leader of the Balance// My Talk 09:23, 4 July 2012 (EDT)

You really are...

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ <--- So mature! --Isa, An AQWorldsWiki SysOp, My Talk 10:27, 4 July 2012 (EDT)

Darn it. . .

  • has a question to ask Worse*
  • Goes to Worse's talk page to ask the question*
  • Week later finds the bottom but has forgotten what the question is*


  • well scrolling, finds the answer to the question somwhere else on the talk page*

O What did you do to my talk page?? Now I have to find what is wrong and fix it xD

Fixed? On my screen it would seem that you broke it o.O

Now it does this File:Like this.png

You can delete that image now lol

Anyway, I though you where trolling me and making my page 10x longer xD

Eh, i'll fix it tomorrow then. G'night!

--Centher Sig.png//Immortal Sovereign and Founder of Clan:Immortals Unleashed. 13:00, 4 July 2012 (EDT)


Lol, I am at this very moment going through the final touches of my own. --Isa, An AQWorldsWiki SysOp, My Talk 10:16, 7 July 2012 (EDT)

Clan pages. . .

Who approves the clan pages so that they may be viewed? There are several clans that can not be seen yet and ask me if I knew.

Live long and prosper!

Last Edit: Wow, now I feel like a noob. They always seemed to appear at not-so-random times so I always thought somone aproved them before they could be seen by people. Right now they can only be viewed by people logged in.

Take Clan:PlatinumWolves as an example.

--~Centher Talk The Immortal Sovereign Clan √-1 2³ Σ π // 14:01, 26 July 2012 (EDT)


Nothing really. I just wanted to pester you with trivial statements that both amuse and anger you, sometimes simultaneously. Hence being a nuisance, as I asked Aki permission to become earlier. If you are not entertained, I shall cease to irritate you further. On a side note, I commend you on your very, very, very long talk page. It is very frustrating. You still do not know who I am, do you? Ksatria Kematian 02:29, 1 August 2012 (EDT)


Dude! I'm on teh Wiki and AQW again so we need to chill/talk reeeeeallly soon! tell me when and where bro!!!!

Dlosh 22:57, 2 August 2012 (EDT)

hey can i get my Flares of all clan back because ima start playing the game 24/7 again lol

Well that was rude.

Wasn't hurting anyone >.>
Mind your own! --Isa, An AqworldsWiki SysOp. 10:04, 3 August 2012 (EDT)

I promised a return.

Mwhahahahahahaha--Isa, An AqworldsWiki SysOp. 20:01, 17 August 2012 (EDT)

Everything or lore?

I was wondering will there be much activity on the lore forum since the Everything Lore has started? Like SysOp activities etc.

Ps: I never thought Isa would get the image above ._.

Seelkadooom Royal.png//Master of the Cupcakes// My Talk 16:59, 23 August 2012 (EDT)

Lol expect that from an HoF Graphic Dept. anyways... I meant to say will the lore forum be active or is it a dead site? Will all the SysOps and Admins reply on Everything Lore?

Seelkadooom Royal.png//Master of the Cupcakes// My Talk 08:17, 25 August 2012 (EDT)


Lol about the last one you deleted and nice matrix effect. I'll be posting on twitter about things like these.

Seelkadooom Royal.png//Master of the Cupcakes//My Talk 09:04, 28 August 2012 (EDT)

Hey there W.D.

You helped me out before and was wondering if i could ask you another question. Well after looking around wiki i noticed you can make a contents box to help navigate through the page with ease. I tried to add one to my clan page but after several attempts failed. Could you share some light or info and how to go about this thanks in advance.


Yea, that would be greatly appreciated if you could, so i can fully understand on how to do it. I just wanted it to be easier to navigate throughout the page. Thanks again W.D. Kudos.


You know it wouldn't be much more effort to turn your signature into a gif with alternating binary, it would look pretty cool.--Isa. 05:02, 30 August 2012 (EDT)


Really? You can get pretty high quality gifs, you use photoshop?--Isa. 09:25, 30 August 2012 (EDT)

That doesn't seem so bad, anyway why don't you use PS?--Isa. 10:28, 30 August 2012 (EDT)

Thanks W.D.

I saw the edits you made, thnx for the time bud.

User "William Gilbert" tampered with my clan's talk page

The user listed above tampered with my clan's talk page. He said many negative things about my clan, myself, and promoted his clan on my clan's section. Please talk with him or remove him or what ever you see fit. Thanks for your time.

--KSI Beast 20:18, 13 September 2012 (EDT)KSI Beast

Having problems editing Clan Page!?

I'm trying to edit my clan page but it wont allow me to make edits to it, plz help thanks. Page is

Need HELP!

I can't Edit my Clan Page for some reason even though i created it. Please help me resolve this W.D.

Interested In Joining The Committee

Hey Doughnut, (pardon the pun). Ive just joined the wiki about two weeks ago and i was wondering: I would like to join a Committee under the guidance of a SysOp. l was hoping to be an apprentice to you or whomever but im not sure i have the prequisites to become a committee member. I have an AQ Worlds account but its still low level cause i dont spend much time on it. I have a clean ban count but i dont know what else to do. I spend most of my time on the wiki. Can you help me? Signed:FireBladeRunner