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This is my talk page
You can put here everything what you want.

Re: Clan Application


We have noticed your clan application, and we have talked about it.
We have decided to let you join Vindication.
But first you need to complete the following tasks:

  • First, Send me a link to ur char page.
  • Second, you need to defeat the mana golem (solo)
  • And last, you must face the Red Dragon (solo)

Note: You must Prnt screen that you have defeated the mana golem and red dragon, for proof.
If we find out that the pic is fake your application will be denied.

Aerotrax // Founder of Vindication


'You have been accepted to Vindication!
If You have any questions about the clan just ask me.

  • Note, as a new member in the clan you have to start at the lowest rank.

If you want to get a higher rank you have to earn it.

Aerotrax // Founder of Vindication


Ok then, I'll tell you how to rank up after Nov. 25


Hi Dan!,
First of all, all of the meetings are to be held every Thursdays and Fridays, But most importantly it is on server time.. If you want to learn more please add me on FB and I will put you in the Clans Group, to give you more Updates.
--->[My Account]
All of the Clan meetings are to be held in Zhoom server.

And your other question is how to rank up right?
Well the answer is very simple, to rank up in the clan, you must do various tasks that is required for the certain position you want to be in.
Different Members of the clan have different tasks, so it can be fair.
If you want to rank for a certain position in the clan, PM me back and I'll Give you your tasks.

Aerotrax Avatar.pngAerotrax // A Hall Of Fame Apprentice // My Talk

About your signature.

About your signature. I made little changes, but don't worry I only changed the Links cuz' its all red links which means they don't exist.

Here it is:

Minidan.JPG Dan Montoya AQW // Member of Vindication // My Talk

Just copy the this:

[[File:Minidan.JPG]] [[User:Dan montoya Aqw|Dan Montoya AQW]] // Member of [[Clan:Vindication|Vindication]] // <sup>[[User_Talk:Dan montoya Aqw|My Talk]]</sup>


Aerotrax Avatar.pngAerotrax // A Hall Of Fame Apprentice // My TalkBannertest.png

Using your own pictures.

I have been told this, and now I want to tell you. Please try to take and use your own pictures of items/areas, instead of taking them from the official wiki. If you don't know how to take your own, the Help page is always there to help you. Thank you and have a nice day. (:

~ Mekoolness, Master of the Universe Smiley face.jpg 19:04, 15 December 2011 (EST)


Edits have been made by Aerotrax. No need to worry. ~ The power of DeathKnight compels you! DeathKnight 17:20, 20 December 2011 (EST)

Re: Hi, Again

Oh, it's perfectly fine. Everyone makes mistakes. Just take a little time to make sure you have the right template and the right info, & I would hardly call you a newbie at edits, since I've seen pages that you've done and they look good, & Merry Christmas to you, too. (:

AQWORLDS WIKI USER.png~ Mekoolness, Master of the Universe (Talk Page)AQWORLDS WIKI USER.png 13:18, 24 December 2011 (EST)

Merry Christmas

Thanks for joining our clan and helping us raise our clan up a little, have a fun holiday

Aerotrax Avatar.pngAerotrax // A Hall Of Fame Apprentice // My TalkBannertest.png

Re: Hi

SysOp stands for System Operator, which is the wiki equivalent of a moderator or admin. Most of the other achievements such as "Contributor" and "Legend" were made up by users to make themselves look (feel) better. Hope that solves your problem.

Extreme speed - Character Avatar.png SysOp Extreme speed, A Hall of Fame Official // My Talk 22:46, 27 December 2011 (EST)

Well, along with the SysOp banner, the HoFo And the Welcoming Committee both have official banners as well.

Worse Doughnut's Watermark.png Worse Doughnut AQWorlds Wiki SysOp // My Art 03:32, 28 December 2011 (EST)

Good Job

Greetings Dan Montoya,

I noticed that you have made many edits and changes on the wiki today. I wanted to personally thank you for your hard work. Keep it up :)

--Naf2.png // Transparent.png // SysOp and Hall of Fame Official // Sent On: 16:34, 9 January 2012 (EST)

Re:Main Page

I believe the release log is available for all editors to edit. It can be found here (Template:Release_Log). If you can not edit it, please let me know ASAP. Just remember to use the same format when you edit the page.

--Naf2.png // SysOp and Administrator // Sent On: 15:20, 14 January 2012 (EST)


Haha thanks, congratulations to :).. yeah I hope I get first next time but.. 2nd doesn't seem so bad :D

NewAeroAvatar.pngAerotrax // A Hall Of Fame Apprentice // My TalkBannertest.png

Re: Contributor Of the month

Congratulations on your win! (: & that's understandable. Education must come first. As for your reward, Al Gilman will email you a code, but it may not be a 2000 BattlePoints Gift Certificate as HeroMart, for some reason, stopped selling the certificates, so you may receive a different reward, but can still be used for points. :3

Mekool-sig.png | AǪƜσяℓds Ɯικι SʏsѲρs (Ƭαℓκ Ƥαɢe) 11:04, 3 February 2012 (EST)

re: CotM

Hi Dan, congratulations on your win. I will be sending you a $10 Ultimate Game Card to your wiki registered email in just a bit.

Al Gilman 17:56, 5 February 2012 (EST)

Please find that I have sent the card code to your registered email. Al Gilman 18:27, 5 February 2012 (EST)

You're back!

Glad to have you back on the wiki!

Worse Doughnut Talk // Templates // Rules // SysOp 15:19, 2 June 2012 (EDT)