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Legion Of The Cursed Bones.gif Nitroryan77 Flame Nafets.gif Legion Of The Cursed Bones.gif

Player Details
Name: Nitroryan77
Level: 28
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male
Member: Not Yet.
Joined: November 17, 2009
Achievements: Go here [1]
Fav. Location: Shadowfall
Classes: Go here [2]
Armors: Go here [3]

'***Nitroryan77's Look a likes***'

Look like King Alteon

Wear these to look like King Alteon... King's Blade or Mace of the Grand Inquisitor as your Weapon;

Battle Crown as your Helm;

Blue Cape or Blue Scarf as your Cape;

Crusader Armor or Maximillian Armor as your Armor;

Warlord or Paladin as you Class!

Look like a Pactagonal Knight

Wear these to be one of King Alteon's Knights...

Class: Paladin

Armor: Pactagonal Knight's Armor

Helm: Armet

Weapon: Iron Spear

Cape: Red Cape

Look like Sepulchure

To look the most like Sepulchure as possible: Wear these.....

Crimson Paladin Armor as your Armor;

DoomKnight Hood as your Helm;

Blood Cloak as your Cape;

Sepulchure's Undead Blade as your Weapon;

DoomKnight Class as your Class!

Look like an Undead Berzerker

Wear these to look like an Undead Berzserker...

Class: Berserker

Armor: Undead Berserker

Helm: Berserker Curse

Weapon: Grim's Shadow Scythe

Cape: Blood Cloak

Look like Drakath

  • Anyone can look just like Drakath in many ways - that while using a glowing-eyed hairstyle, with black hair and black skin.

If you Wear Defender or Necromancer as your Class;

Wear Onyx DoomKnight Armor or Black Warrior Armor as your Armor;

Wear the Dragon Sword of Chaos or Chaos Shogun Sword as your Weapon;

and Wear Wings of Darkness as your Cape can look just like Drakath.

Look like a Scorpion Assassin

Wear these to be a Scorpion Assassin...

Class: Assassin

Armor: Scorpion Assassin Armor

Helm: King Scorpion Helm

Weapon: Scorpion Claw

Cape: Scorpion Tail

Look like Santa Claws

Wear these to look like Santa...

Class: ClawSuit Class

Weapon: Santa's Impaler or Harm 'O Nee

Armor: Colorful Claws Suit

Cape: Santa's Back Blades

Helm Santa Claws' Battle Helm or Claw's Hood

Look like a Fire Imp

Wear these to look like a Fire Imp...

Class: Vampire

Weapon: Red Pitchfork

Armor: Scorpion Assassin Armor-with dark red skin

Cape: Fire Imp Tail

Helm: Imp Horns

Look like a Scibblenaut

Wear these to be a Scribblenaut...

Class: Defender

Armor: Hand-Drawn J6 Armor

Helm: Sketchy J6 Helm

Weapon: Blade of aww.. man.. or Artix's ScribbleAxe

Cape: White Flag Cloak

Look like a Venom Draconian

Wear these to look like a Venom Draconian...

Class: Dragonslayer Class

Weapon: Venom Draconian Sword

Armor: Green Draconian

Cape: Venom Draconian Wings

Helm: Green Draconian Head

Look like Yulgar

Wear these to look like Yulgar...

Class: Warrior

Weapon: Iron Hammer

Armor: Blacksmith Apprentice

Cape: None

Helm: no helm; but make your hair like Yulgar's Hairstyle

Look like Escherion

Wear these to look like Escherion...

Class: Sorcerer

Armor: Escherion's Robe

Helm: Escherion's Helm

Weapon: Staff of Inversion

Cape: Noble Cloak->make it purple with black trim or vise-versa

Look like Vath

Wear these to look like Vath...

Class: Dragonlord Class

Armor: Vath's Chaotic Dragonlord Armor

Helm: Vath's Hair

Weapon: Legendary Sword of Dragon Control

Cape: Cloak of Vath

Look like Kitsune

Wear these to look like Kitsune...

Class: Ninja

Armor: Chaos Shogun Armor

Helm: Chaos Shogun Helmet

Weapon: Chaotic Hanzamune

Cape: Chaos Cloak

Look like Wolfwing

Wear these to look lik Wolfwing...

Class: Beast Warrior Class

Armor: Lycan Knight

Helm: Twisted Paw Head Morph

Weapon: Unarmed

Cape: Wolfwing's Wings

Look like a DracoLich

Wear these to look like an undead Draconian...

Class: Dragonslayer Class

Armor: Iron Bones

Helm: Dragonslayer Helm

Weapon: Claws of the Weald

Cape: Rotting Wraithwings

Look like Death(NPC)

Wear these to look like the Grim Reaper...

Class: Sorcerer or Necromancer

Armor: Undead Mage (Armor)

Helm: Soulseeker's Grim Hood

Weapon: Soul Scythe

Cape: Grim Cloak

Look like a Horc

Wear these to look like a Horc Grunt...

Class: Warrior

Armor: Horc

Helm: Horc Head Morph

Weapon: General Porkon's Axe or Orc Grunt Axe

Cape: none- but if you want a cape wear Light Leather Cloak


Wear these to be an ULTIMATE WARRIOR...

Class: Warlord

Armor: Imperial Plate Armor

Helm: Steel Afterlife

Weapon: Blade of Awe, Blade of Half Awe-f, or Iron Draconian Sword

Look like a Dark Warrior

Wear these to be a Dark Warrior...

Class: Warrior

Armor: Undead Warrior

Helm: Undead Warrior Armet

Weapon: Death Eater Axe

Cape: Grim Feathers

Look like a Dark Mage

Wear these to be a Dark Mage...

Class: Mage

Armor: Shadow Cleric

Helm: Healer's Cowl;crimson-red hair

Weapon: Undead Walking Stick

Cape: Red Cape

Look like a Dark Ninja

Wear these to be a Dark Ninja...

Class: Ninja

Armor: Dark Ninja Garb

Helm: Cowl of Malicious Intent;purplish-black hair

Weapon: Furai or Grim Short Blades

Cape: Dark Scarf

Look like a Sentinal of Moon

Wear these to be a Sentinal of Moon...

Class: Sorcerer

Armor: Lunaris Sentinal

Helm: Golden Phoenix Helm

Weapon: Scepter of Ithil

Cape: Breethen D'irt Cloak

Look like a Warrior of Sun

Wear these to be a Warrior of Sun...

Class: Renegade

Armor: Solaris Knight

Helm: Cowl of the Shinobi

Weapon: Sun Sabre

Cape: Halo of DragonLight

Look like a Skull Crush Bot

Wear these to be a Skull Crush Bot...

Class: StarLord Class

Armor: Skull Crusher Armor

Helm: Skull Crusher Helm

Weapon: Ryoku's Soul Nuke

Cape: Machine Gun Pack

Look like a Mithril Man

Wear these to look like Mithril Man...

Class: Enforcer

Armor: None

Helm: Barrier Bot Helm

Weapon: Dwakel Warrior Sword or Laser Beam

Cape: Laser Pack

Look like Zeus

Wear these to look like Zeus...

Class: Rustbucket or ProtoSartorium

Armor: ZEUS Suit

Helm: ZEUS Bucket

Weapon: Piston-Driven Chopper Axe

Cape: Steam Pack

Look like a Nightmare Knight

Wear these to be a Nightmare Knight...

Class: Assassin

Armor: Nightmare Plate

Helm: Nightmare Helm

Weapon: Nightmare Blade

Cape: Dread Wings

-----------------Nitroryan77's Monster Theories---------------------

Original Queen of All Monsters

- *She will look like a girl-version of Drakath. - *When and if she is finally Unleashed, (Only after all 13 chaos lords have summoned their chaos beasts.),

- *She will probably be wearing....

- Necromancer as her class;

- a chaorrupted version of Scarlet's Costume as her Armor;

- a chaorrupted version of Nightmare Mace as her Weapon;

- Chaotic Draconian Wings as her Cape;

- and a chaorrupted version of Baroness Hair Style as her Helm.

- *As of now we still have not seen the second chaos lords Xing and Xang or if either on of them will become Queen of All Monsters. - We will just have to wait!