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Welcome to MosesChen's page!

Player Info


☐ 1. Rank 10 DoomWood

Current status: Rank 8 to 9

51% completed


☐ 2. Level 62

Current status: Level 61 to 62

88% completed


☐ 3. 5 Million Gold

Current status: 3.8 Million

76% completed


4. Blinding Light of Destiny



☑ 1. Rank 10 Arcangrove

100% completed


☑ 2. Finish Book of Lore Story

Completed The 13 Lords of Chaos!

100% completed


☑ 3. Guardian's Prime Blade of Awe

☑ 4. Rank 10 ThunderForge

100% completed


☑ 5. Rank 10 Swordhaven

100% completed


☑ 6. Burning Freeze

☑ 7. Rank 10 Good

☑ 8. Liquid_Hot_Magma_Axe

  • October 25, 2018


Items and Look Help Guide

  • Get help and information on your look or items here.

Juggernaut Items of Nulgath's Guide: Find Help / People with Nulgath (Quest) Pets Section




SwordIcon.gif Blade of Awe

SwordIcon.gif Bloodriver Rare Small.png Special Offer Small.png

SwordIcon.gif Greater Oblivion Blade +15 AC Small.png

SwordIcon.gif Green Socktana

SwordIcon.gif Hex Blade of Nulgath

DaggerIcon.gif Dragon's Heart-beam

DaggerIcon.gif Santa's Impaler 09 Seasonal Small.png

PolearmIcon.gif Transforming Berzerker Bunny Spear 10 Seasonal Small.png

StaffIcon.gif Cane of Greed 09 Seasonal Small.png


ClassIcon.gif Darkblood StormKing Rank 9

ClassIcon.gif Dragonlord Rank 3

ClassIcon.gif Evolved Shaman Rank 10

ClassIcon.gif Guardian Rank 6

ClassIcon.gif Oracle Rank 10 AC Small.png

ClassIcon.gif Royal BattleMage Rank 8

ClassIcon.gif Shaman Rank 10

ClassIcon.gif Ultra Elemental Warrior Rank 10 AC Small.png

ClassIcon.gif Ultra OmniKnight Rank 5 AC Small.png

ClassIcon.gif Warrior (Rare) Rank 10


ArmorIcon.gif Amberheart Battle-Mage AC Small.png

ArmorIcon.gif Berserker Bunny 10 Seasonal Small.png

ArmorIcon.gif Expendable Rogue

ArmorIcon.gif Gravelyn's Champion AC Small.png

ArmorIcon.gif Holiday Jester 08 Seasonal Small.png

ArmorIcon.gif Knight of Light +5 AC Small.png

ArmorIcon.gif Life Taker

ArmorIcon.gif NO BOTS Armor

ArmorIcon.gif Necrotized Warrior

ArmorIcon.gif Titan Hunter

ArmorIcon.gif Warrior of the Den


HelmIcon.gif Battle Mane

HelmIcon.gif Battle-Mage's Cowl AC Small.png

HelmIcon.gif Expendable Rogue Mask

HelmIcon.gif Gravelyn's Champion Helm AC Small.png

HelmIcon.gif Necrotized Battle-helm

HelmIcon.gif Open Benediction Helm

HelmIcon.gif Prismatic Wizard Hat

HelmIcon.gif Thirteen1 Badger Helm

HelmIcon.gif Santa Claws' Battle Helm 09

HelmIcon.gif Transforming Berzerker Bunny Helm 10

HelmIcon.gif Ultra Elemental Faceguard AC Small.png


CapeIcon.gif Aoi no Hime Wings

CapeIcon.gif Chaotic Wings of Nulgath AC Small.png

CapeIcon.gif DoomWings

CapeIcon.gif Golden Moglin on your back

CapeIcon.gif Panda Launcher

CapeIcon.gif Ultra Fire Orb AC Small.png

CapeIcon.gif Ultra Flame Titan Spirit

CapeIcon.gif Ultra Light Orb AC Small.png

CapeIcon.gif Ultra Water Orb AC Small.png

CapeIcon.gif Wings of Infinity AC Small.png

CapeIcon.gif Warp Necromancer Cape AC Small.png


PetIcon.gif Akriloth Pet AC Small.png

PetIcon.gif Flame Titan Gryphon Legends Small.png

PetIcon.gif Twilly Bank Pet AC Small.png


ItemIcon.gif Gold PvP Amulet +1500


ItemIcon.gif Coordinates to Hyperium

ItemIcon.gif Crystallized Dragons Breath

ItemIcon.gif Dark Crystal Shard x4

ItemIcon.gif Diamond of Nulgath x1

ItemIcon.gif Dungeon Invite

ItemIcon.gif Essence of Nulgath x9

ItemIcon.gif Fishing Bait x346

ItemIcon.gif Gem of Nulgath x4

ItemIcon.gif Grime Token x126

ItemIcon.gif Tainted Gem x1

ItemIcon.gif Moglin MEAL x3 AC Small.png

ItemIcon.gif Treasure Chest x48

ItemIcon.gif Undead Energy x58

ItemIcon.gif Undead Essence x24

ItemIcon.gif Unidentified 13 x1









HouseIcon.gif Cottage

Wall Items

WallItemIcon.gif Chaos Curtain

Floor Items

FloorItemIcon.gif Candle

FloorItemIcon.gif Cardboard Box

FloorItemIcon.gif Wobbly Chair

FloorItemIcon.gif Silver Sneevil Statue

FloorItemIcon.gif Silver Zard Statue

FloorItemIcon.gif Table of Food

FloorItemIcon.gif Chochinobake

FloorItemIcon.gif Silver Undead Statue

FloorItemIcon.gif Gold Zard Statue

FloorItemIcon.gif Gold Sneevil Statue

FloorItemIcon.gif Gold Undead Statue

FloorItemIcon.gif Royal Bed

FloorItemIcon.gif Broken Purple Egg

FloorItemIcon.gif Rat

FloorItemIcon.gif Undecorated Frostval Tree

FloorItemIcon.gif Koi Fountain

My Sig

- MosesChen~Talk~Contribs - <insert time and date>

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