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Became a SysOp on December 24th, 2011.
I am a Author on Everything Lore

Part of the Graphics Department & Clan Achievements

Player Details
Name: Mekoolness
Level: 46
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Member: No
Founder: No
Joined: October 21, 2008 8:51:00 PM
Achievements: Dragon Hero, Axe Master, 3rd Upholder, Member, Friday the 13th, Kung Food, Moglin Punter, EYE was there, Stubborn, Unicorn Commander, Cornelis Reborn, Derp Moosefish, King Fisher, SkyPirate Slayer, Ctr+Alt+Del, Stone Cold, They Might Be Doppelgangers!, You Are A Giant, Desoloth Freed, Thief of Chaos, Story ARC, PTR Lag Tester and PTR Guild Tester
Fav. Class: Leprechaun, Shaman/Evolved Shaman, Dragonlord Class, Necromancer, Evolved ClawSuit
Fav. Location: Yulgar, Battleon, Arcangrove
Items: See Character Page
Armors: See Character Page
Notes: I have quit AQWorlds & AE games in general.
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To Do List

  • Completely finish all the DoomWood pages - In Progress

My Gallery

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