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Umbra, The Master Shaman


Gilead (/join gilead)


Master Shaman

Important Text

Greetings, hero. I am known as Umbra. As an Earth Shaman I speak to the spirits of the stones and soil around us and under our feet. They have much wisdom to share with those willing to listen. They bore witness to the fall of Great Gilead so long ago and they can tell us how to avoid this kind of devastation in our future.


Many centuries ago this city was built by those who lived their lives surrounded by magic. They became so reliant on magic that eventually the city literally collapsed under the weight of their dependence. Magic is a wonderful tool, the stones say, but it should never be taken for granted.



The Root of Elementals
Eupotamic Elementals
Breaking Wind Elementals
Fight Fire With Fire Salamanders
Guardian of the Gilead Wrap


  • Might be a reference to Umbra in the Elder scrolls 4,5 Morrowind and Oblivion.