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Tomix as a SoulWeaver
Tomix as a Dragonlord


DragonFable DragonLord, SoulWeaver, ChaosWeaver Expert

Important Text

(At Guardian Tower)

Dragons are majestic creatures, soaring gracefully through the sky and wielding powerful magics. Everyone loves them for some reason, whether its slaying them or appreciating them.

(At Twilight's Edge)

Hello Hero! Thank you for saving me from the ChaosWeaver knight in there… he did not seem to want to listen to reason. The Weaver Queen has got them more enraged than I've ever seen! We are going to have to go deep into the heart of Ravenloss to discover what her reasons for this war are. I am glad you're with us!

Guardian Tower


Add in Elemental Orbs, Chickencows, and a Mad Weaponsmith who specializes in making things VERY interesting, and you have a land where the only thing you can expect is the unpredictable!


Definitely unpredictable. Talking orbs, missing left socks and Chickencows abound!

Twilight's Edge


Yes, yes. Their history and culture is VASTLY interesting. I grew to know them very well during my adventures in Ravenloss. Did you know there are several species of ChaosWeavers? SOME of them were human… You'll meet soon. Others, well… they have never been anything but beasts.


But of course! EVERYONE should know Arachnomancy. It's a very useful skill if you are working with arachno-creatures. Riadne mentioned wanting to teach you. I do not think you are quite ready to learn SoulWeaving - MY type of magic - but perhaps one day… one day…




  • This is his Character Page.
  • He is a Soulweaver in DragonFable.
  • He wears the armor Evolved Dragonlord from Dragonfable.