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If the Weapon is only acquired as a Weapon Design then use the template below.
If the Weapon is acquired as a equip-able/design then use the this template.


{{Weapon Design





{{Weapon Design
 |Image1=      An Image of the Player Holding the Weapon.
 |Image2=      An Image of the Weapon in it's Shop (Leave blank if the Weapon is a drop).

 |Type=        What Type of Weapon is it (Gun, Mace, Polearm, Staff or Sword).
 |Level=       The Level Required to equip the Weapon.
 |Upgrade=     State whether a Upgrade is required or not to buy/equip the Weapon. 
 |RepRequired= Name of the Reputation (and it's Rank) required to buy the Weapon.

 |AtkType=     What kind of Attack does it have (Magic, Melee, or Ranged)
 |Desc=        The Description of the Weapon.
 |Location=    The Area where this Weapon can be obtained.
 |Buy=         The Gold/ACs required to buy this Weapon.
 |Sell=        The Gold/ACs obtained by selling this Weapon.

 |Notes=       Any additional notes, if none leave blank.

Sample Weapon(Undead Plague Spear):

{{Weapon Design
 |Image1= UndeadPlagueSpear.png

 |Type= Polearm
 |Level= 1
 |Upgrade= No
 |AtkType= Melee

 |Element= None
 |Desc= A mere scrape from this vile weapon is deadly.
 |Location= [[Graveyard]]
 |Buy= Dropped by [[Big Jack Sprat]]
 |Sell= 12,500 Gold

* 1% Drop Rate.