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This template is used for class pages to describe skills.


Here is an explanation of what should go into each field.

 |Name= The name of the skill
 |Image= The name of the image in the skill bar.      
 |Type= Physical, Magical, Passive.      
 |Desc= The in-game description of the skill     
 |Rank= What rank does it unlock at? 
 |Mana= How much mana does the skill require?
 |Cool= How long before you can use it again? 
 |Notes= Non-specific commentary on the skill.        

In use:

Super Attack
Attack Type: Magical
Description: A quick strike that banishes your foe to the void.
Rank Required: Rank 10
Mana: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Dangerous skill that can backfire on you, causing you to log out.
Auto Attack.png