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This is the log of news as it appears on the front page.
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March 3rd

March 2nd

March 1st

February 27th

February 21st

February 20th

February 18th

February 17th

February 14th

February 13th

February 12th

February 11th

February 6th

February 4th

February 2nd

  • Happy Groundhorc's Day 2015!

February 1st

January 30th

January 27th

  • Happy Australia Day 2015!

January 23rd

January 18th

January 17th

January 16th

January 13th

  • The Honorable Hero badge and 500 ACs have been given out to any player who meets the following requirements:
    • You must not have received a 24 hour or longer mute or ban in 2014.
    • You must have logged in between January 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014.
    • You must be level 11 or higher.
    • You must have created your account before January 1st 2015.

January 10th

January 9th

January 8th

January 5th

January 4th

January 3rd

January 2nd