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Use the following Coding to Create a User Page.
It is not necessary to use this template to make your User Page, you can design your own.





 |Fav. Class=
 |Fav. Armor=
 |Fav. Location=




 |Image=         An Image of your Character Page.

 |Name=          Your AQWorlds Wiki User Name.
 |Charname=      Your AQWorlds User Name.
 |Level=         The Level of your Character
 |Alignment=     The Alignment of your Character.
 |Gender=        The Gender of your Character.

 |Member=        State if your AQWorlds Character is Upgraded.
 |Founder=       State if your AQWorlds Character is a Founder.
 |Joined=        The Date you joined AQWorlds.
 |Achievements=  The Achievements your Character has.

 |Fav. Class=    Your Favorite Class. 
 |Fav. Armor=    Your Favorite Armor. 
 |Fav. Location= Your Favorite Area. 

 |Items=         The items you have.
 |Classes=       The Classes you have.
 |Armors=        The Armors you have.

 |Notes=         Any additional notes, if none leave blank.