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This template is used to create a NPC's page.
The syntax is:


Here is an explanation of what should go into each field.

 |Image= Image of the NPC
 |Desc= Description of the NPC     
 |Text= Text of the NPC     
 |Location= Location of the NPC   
 |Services= Services of the NPC (eg: Shops, Quests etc.)
 |Quests= Quests given by the NPC    
 |Notes= (Optional)     
Welcome NPC
Text: Greetings Player! I have quite a few quests for you to do. Care to help?
Location: Nafets'World, Battleon, Ect
Services: Nafets'Shop, Nafets' Hat Shop
Quests: Random Quest, Random Quest2
Nafets NPC Test.png

  • Note 1
  • Note 2