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"Amulet of Wishes" to April Fool's Day '10
April Fool's Day 2009 to Banana Suit 11
Banana Thorn Blade to Black Mage Robes 10
Black Market (Live) to Bookworm
Boom Box to Carrying the Torches
Casque of Circumstance to Charlie Morning Helm
Charon's Shears to Corn Oil
Corn Stalk to Daisy on your Back 11
Daisy on your Back 12 to Demon Beserker Helm
Demonhunter Horns to Dragon Hero's Helm
Dragon Hero Armor to Edvard's Shiny Face (CC)
Edvard/Beulah Outfit to Fablen
Face Kezeroth to Flame Ruby Katana
Flame Warrior to General Nevanna
General Pollution to Golf Suit
Golf Suit 10 to Hardy Dagger
Harm 'O Nee to Horc Warrior
Horc Warrior Cape to Jack-o-latern 1 09
Jack O Blade 2011 to Ledgermayne achievement
Left Facing Tuna Sofa to Love at First Scythe 10
Love at First Scythe 11 to Mechanized Steamhawk
Mechas and Quests to Mummy
Mummy (monster) to Nulgath Horns
Nulgath Larvae to Pancake Hat 13
Pancake Hat W/ Butter to Potted Pine
Poultrygeist to Receipt of Nulgath
Recipe Needed to Royal Bed
Royal Bed (Center) to Secret Words
Secret Words (Quest) to SkeleCommander
SkeleCommander's Cape to Soul Of A Hero
Soul Of The Darkness to Stuffed Neko Matta
Stuffed Samurai Statue to The Apprentice's Scythe
The Armet of the Afterlife to Tidal Terror
Tie a Black Ribbon 'Round on an Old Burnt Tree to Two Eyes
Two Handed Axe to Used Q Tip Staff
User Cpu2/cpu2's guide to getting free mem to Warp Necro Cape
Warp Necro Set to Xisor
Xitactix Blade to Zzents959's Guide to Farming