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"Amulet of Wishes" to April Fool's Day '10
April Fool's Day 2009 to Banana Suit 11
Banana Thorn Blade to Black Mage Robes 10
Black Market (Live) to Bookworm
Boom Box to Carrying the Torches
Casque of Circumstance to Charlie Morning Helm
Charon's Shears to Corinthian Bronze Helmet
Corinthian Helmet to Dainty Party Wings
Daisuke to Demanding Items of Nulgath
Demanding Items of Nulgath (Quest) to Dragon Con Shop
Dragon Dance Fire Stick to Edgar Allen Plum
Editing Guide to Eye was there
Eyeball Wings to Fishy Guitar (Quest)
Fists of Fire to Gem Jam
Gem of Miltonius to Golem Skin
Golems Really Frost Me Bad to Happy Fat Panda Morph
Happy Holiblades to Horc Reputation Shop
Horc Sell-Sword to JVI
JVI Helm to Ledge Head
Ledgermayne to Love Hat
Love Hat 10 to Meaty Bones in Graveyard
MechQuest Destiny Blade to Mudluk Metal Axe
Mudluk Monster Axe to Nulgath AC RARES
Nulgath AC Rares to Palooza
Pam to Potion Surplus
Potion Wand to Reagents of Chaos
Really Large Chopsticks to Rouge Armor
Rouge Star to Second Male Helm Gift
Secondary Misson to Sir Vent
Sir Vival to Soul Cleaver Class
Soul Eater Advanced to Strike true
Stringing Your Enemies Along to That Which Ends Dreams
That Which Goes Bump in the Night to Tibicenas Face
Tibicenas achievement to Twisted Pelican Egg
Twisted Pelican Hatchling to Unshakeable Blade
Unsuccessful Scientist Helm to Warmth in the Cold
WarpForce Black Beamsword to Xarzar
Xavier Lionfang to Zzents959's Guide to Farming