ShadowReaper Of Doom

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This item was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and is no longer available.

ShadowReaper Of Doom
The darkness from this weapons seems to overflow...
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: No
Equip Spot: Weapon
Equipment Type: Axe
Attack Type: Melee
Location: Drop from Super Undead Artix
  • Can now be bought for 300 mirror realm tokens and 1 undead paladin token
  • Mirror Realm Merge
Sellback: 0 Gold
Damage: See Enhancements

  • The appearance of The Weapon looks more like the upgraded version rather than the original version shown in DragonFable
  • Doom version of Blinding Light of Destiny on the Staff-Only/Unreleased Weapons
  • Weapon from the game DragonFable, which is "Member's Only", primal merge is Forsaken ShadowReaper of Doom.
  • Will not drop from the non member version Undead Artix,
  • Even though it is non member, it is only obtainable by members, for it is only obtainable from a monster located in a member only aera.
  • Vorderd wields this wepon after he turns Artix's axe (Blinding Light of Destiny) in to ShadowReaper Of Doom.
  • Member's Only area. The reason was it was for the members who upgraded for only 3 months to get the badge and sword, so they decided to make it non-mem for when they expired.
  • One Of 3 released versions of Artix's Axe.