Safiria's Castle (House)

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Safiria's Castle (House)
Upgrade Required: Yes
Rooms: 11 Overall (9 inside)
Equip Spot: House
Price: 75,000 Gold
Sellback: 18,750 Gold
Location: House Shop

  • Based on castle in the map Safiria
  • Largest house in AQW (At current)
The perfect place for vampires to reside. This castle never sees the light of day--just the way you like it!

<gallery> Image:Castle3.png|Entrance Hall Image:Castle4.png|Main Hall Image:Castle5.png|Throne Room Image:Castle6.png|Hall 1 Image:Castle8.png|Hall 2 Image:Castle10.png|Hall 3 Image:Castle7.png|Bedroom Image:Castle9.png|Library Image:Castle11.png|Kitchen