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Mystcroft, Mogloween, Darkovia-Safirias castle, Wargrounds


The "former" Queen of Vampires in Mogloween and in Darkovia where she's an enemy to the Werewolf King.

Important text

Welcome to Mystcroft! The town that only appears once a year-after Mogloween is over, we will magically disappear until the time is right for us to return again. Please, enjoy our town, the Witch Sisters are inside. Feel free to go and visit them. I promise... You'll never be the same. Happy Mogloween!




Squash The King

A Bone to Pick

Were are the Wolves

Killer, Chiller, Thriller here Tonight

Darkovia Quests

Feeding Grounds

Going Batty

Lycan Knights

Twisted Paw (Quest)


Safiria's cleavage concealed by a blouse
  • Safiria is not only a NPC but a staff member (Exec. Game Administrator, Game Designer, Content Writer) so if you're lucky you may see her in the game. There is also a staff only armour called safiria that is same as the dress worn by the NPC Safiria.
  • Safiria, along with Werewolf King, will be permanent NPCs for Darkovia, which is recently released, in AQWorlds.
  • Safiria's cleavage is concealed with what looks to be a blouse type garment on the banner for the darkovia string of releases. The blouse is absent while ingame (AdventureQuest or AQWorlds) and was most likely established to prevent offending visitors to the homepage.
  • Also note the change in hairstyle since Mogloween.
  • She is the queen of vampires, but she leads the vampire in good ways.
  • She's been killed during the Chaos War.
  • Her nephew Solani took the throne as the new Queen of Vampires.