Runes of Great Gilead

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Runes of Great Gilead
A once thriving city of great magical achievement but due to a terrible magical accident Great Gilead lies in ruins It is now a place of study an uiet meditation for the spiritspeaking Shamans
Location Info
Level Required: 10
Location: /join gilead
Exits to: Arcangrove
Arcangrove - Gilead.png
Shops and NPCs
Shops: N/A
NPCs: Umbra
Quests & Monsters

Ruins of Great Gilead is a city.


Many centuries ago this city was built by those who lived their lives surrounded by magic. It was a thriving city of great magical achievement. They became so reliant on magic that made a terrible magical accident and eventually the city literally collapsed under the weight of their dependence. It lies in ruins, deserted for more than a thousand years. It is now a place of study and quiet meditation for the spirit speaking Shamans.