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Vampire Reputation

You can gain Vampire Reputation in Darkovia, reputation was available from 26-02-2010. With the gain of Reputation it is possible to buy items only available above a certain rank. Look at Brysin's Reputation Shop Since 19-03-2010 it is clear that the Vampire and Lycan are at war

Get Vampire Reputation

Safiria's Castle (/join safiria): Brysin, Safiria and Orlok

Quests to gain reputation

Safiria's Castle






Farming for reputation

Do the daily quests, and then the Twisted Paw (Quest), that is atm the quickest.

Special items for this reputation

Safiria's Castle - Brysin's Reputation Shop

Tercessuinotlim - Gothy Girl Shop

Tercessuinotlim - Nulgath formerly known as Miltonius' AC shop


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