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About ThunderForge Faction

This reputation was available since 11.01.2013

ThunderForge Faction Locations


Archlich Xollen's Quests:

Hindar's Quests:

Lionfang's Quests:

Madra's Quests:

Ralstis's Quests:

Saluk's Quests:

Windren's Quests:

Guide for this Faction

  • At the moment, there are only two ways:
  1. If you are a member, you should farm the quests of Ralstis and Saluk and the 2 daily quests of Windren and Hindar. I suggest you accept those 4 quests, then head for the Inn.
  2. If you are not a member, the only thing you can do at the moment is to farm daily for the Windren and Hindar quests.

Shops for this Faction


  • For those who have ACs, you should buy the 1h Reputation Boost, then start make this quests. You'll rank up more faster, since per event there are about 6 quests with big reputation.
  • This is only the pre-release guide for this Faction. I'll keep updating this (or other members) until the saga finale.
  • You should use a the following class: Chunin, Evolved Shaman or Troll SpellSmith. Personally i use Evolved Shaman. Of course, this is my advice. You can use whatever you want.
  • In the Inn in Falguard there are 4 monsters. That's the best place to farm at the moment.
  • This faction used to be called "Lionfang".