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Mythsong Reputation

Mythsong Reputation can be gained in Mythsong Canyon (/join mythsong). It is hard to gain reputation, only daily quest gives reasonable amout. Reputation appeared on 30-04-2010.

Get Mythsong Reputation

Classes related to Mythsong

Bard Class

This class, (released on 7-5-2010) has all new trainable skills which focusing on buffing you and your party members, while debuffing your foes! It's the first class related to reputation.

Jon Jett, the Rep Shop owner will require you to get to Mythsong Rep Rank 4 before he allows you to access this powerful class but from out staff testing.... it's VERY worth it! In the release log Beleen stated: Originally we had set it at Rank 7, but after some serious consideration, we lowered it down to Rank 4! Also, the Bard only costs 1,000 Gold.

Quests to gain reputation


Jon Jett



Pat Minotaur


Mozzy Mogbourne

These quests disappear after you have done them.


Great Godfather Of Souls

These quests disappear after you have done them.


Don Giovanni

These quests disappear after you have done them.




Turning in Music Defender Medals or Mega Music Defender Medals will give 15 rep each.

Farming for reputation

Take all the quests you can do only once, they give good reputation. Take all the daily quest there are. If you want to gain take all quests at once that is the quickest. Then repeat to do the REP Speedwagon The name says it all. Gives also good class points.

Special items for this reputation

Mythsong - Jon Jett's Shop

Tercessuinotlim - Nulgath formerly known as Miltonius' AC shop


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