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Fishing Reputation appeared on 17-02-2012. It a totally different reputation than the others so fas. For the first time a skill Reputation is added. You can get as many as 30 ranks, when you have them your reputation will be at rank 10 "The world of Lore now offers a way to relax after questing. It is time to go fishing!"

Get Fishing Reputation

Classes related to Fishing Reputation

None mentioned so far

Quest to gain reputation


Fish to gain reputation

There's also a {{Fishlist]]

Ranks of Fishing

For every new rank you fish up something special and you get a new title, sometimes you fish up something that gives more chance to catch a fish. There Are 30 Different Ranks!

Guide Farming for reputation

Simply press the "Cast" or "Dynamite" button to begin fishing. If you run out of bait or dynamite, click on the "Get Bait" button to buy more. If you'r a member your able to fish with a The Super Pole that triples the catches.

Special items for this reputation

Faith - Fishing Gear Shop


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