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Evil Reputation

Evil Reputation

To become Evil

Evil reputation you can go to Gravelyn in Shadowfall and become evil if you were good for 100,000 gold. It's also possible to choose for evil after you killed Escherion the first time. You can choose that at the gates of Mobius for Zio (=evil). But after that it's only possible to change at Gravelyn.

When you started with Good Reputation and you change to evil, you buy a contract and turn evil, but your good reputation will stay intact. So it's possible to have reputation 10 for GOOD and EVIL.

Get Evil Reputation

Class related to evil

Before 01-07-2011 the DoomKnight Class was 10,000 gold and Member (located in Shadowfall NPC: Dusk). On 01-07-2011 due to how powerful it is becoming, it will require rank 10 Warrior Class, rank 10 Healer Class, rank 5 Evil Reputation and Member. This makes sense because a DoomKnight is foremost a warrior with evil healing skills. Added a level 10 passive ability called: DOOMSTRIKE. It adds a small chance on every attack to do a MASSIVE darkness attack for about 50x your weapon damage.

Quests to gain reputation

Gravelyn in Shadowfall

Wolfwing (Area)


In the Wolfwing quest line, if you choose to give Wolfwing a second chance, you will gain 2500 rep once.


Crag & Bamboozle, Oblivion blade of Miltonius (Quest) now called Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (Quest), Mini Miltonius now called Nulgath Larvae



BakeShop of Horrors

Baron Luca

Vasalkar Lair


All the quests are mem only, you have to choose this path to do the quests or do Ferzana's for Good Reputation

Love's Curse


Banished and Swordhaven


Farming for Reputation

First take the daily quests, after that farming is easy: goto the castleundead then take the fourth quest for non mem and then farm all the undeads there.

Also can go graveyard farm to do the 4th quest for evil rep.

Special items for this reputation

Shadowfall - Gravelyn - Shadowfall Rep Shop

Tercessuinotlim - Nulgath formerly known as Miltonius AC shop

Tercessuinotlim - Skew Quests


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