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EtherStorm Reputation

EtherStorm Reputation appeared on 06-01-2012.

Get EtherStorm Reputation

Classes related to EtherStorm Reputation

On 2-03-2012 The Elemental Dracomancer Class appeared it is a Wizard class. You must have rank 10 EtherStorm Reputation to obtain it. Or you can buy it for 2,000 AC at Itzachi's Class Shop.

Quests to gain reputation

Fire Storm


These quests only once

Always available:

Air Storm




Water Storm


These quests only once:

These quests daily:

Earth Storm


These quests only once

Daily Quest:


In all the war zones you were able to turn in Mega Etherstorm Warrior Totems and 5 Etherstorm Warrior Totems. You would get 75 reputation points for it. However after evil winning the war, the totems only can be turned in at Etherstorm War Evil.

Etherstorm War Good


Etherstorm War Evil


Etherstorm War Desoloth


Guide Farming for reputation

  • Do the daily quests, also the Will you take Omom? quest will easily give good reputation. Be sure to have always Lightning in the Night! accepted, so you will gain every time, these drops will stay in your backpack so no need to do it at once. I always combine with Musical Chrystals and will give me lots of rep couple of times a week for a little longer playing time.

Special items for this reputation

Fire Storm - Etherstorm Wastes Rep Shop - Hs'Sakar

Air Storm - Air Storm Rep Shop - As'iiur

Water Storm - Water Storm Rep Shop - Ll'rillor

Earth Storm - Earth Storm Rep Shop - Dr'rader


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