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Dwarf Reputation

Dwarf Reputation can be gained in the Dwarfhold mountains. You can do a wide variety of quests to gain reputation. But it is far harder to gain then Evil Reputation or Good Reputation.

Get Dwarf Reputation

Go to Dwarfhold and it's surrounding area's and the NPC's

Quests to gain reputation




Llama Farm

Donna Charmer





Hartok Darksoil

These quests only unlock if you ended the quests in Dwarfhold Prison Outside shop, all quests mem and only once

Domi Coldsteel

All quests mem and only once

Hartok Darksoil

Inside shop, all quests mem and only once


All quests mem and only once



Dwarfhold Prison

Mick Guyver



Guide Farming for reputation

Take the daily quest from Lister in Dwarfhold. Then bring the wagon to the end several times till you have 30 gems and it will take you 1100rep higher.

Be sure you have done all quests the ones in the shop give good reputation. To gain more there are several possibilities, but all a bit boring, so i will give you combinations: I usually take all the quests first and then start killing the monsters (not preferable when there is lag).

Combination 1 (in Dwarfhold)

Chaotic Draconian:

Claws for the Cause (Jorxlol Uppercity)

Gemeralds (from Geopetal Dwarfhold)

daily quest Balance The Scales (IronFist Dwarfhold)(400rep)

Secret Weapons (IronFist Dwarfhold)

Drow Soldier

All That Glitters (Geopetal Dwarfhold)

Secret Weapons (IronFist Dwarfhold)

Bagged Lunches(IronFist dwarfhold)

Glow Worm

Radiant Lamps (IronFist Dwarfhold) -fairly easy. Tip: keep the quest window open and do drows and worms and turn them in -Only allowed when your not in a fight, so time it right-.

Combination 2 (around Pinewood Forest)

Daily quest: Alarm a Llama! (Donna Charmer Llama Farm)(easy 200rep gain)

Pine Grizzly

Daily quest: Grizzly Situation (Donna Charmer Llama Farm)

Bear it all! (Donna Charmer Llama Farm)

Warm and Furry (Snowbeard Tavern)

Red Shell Turtle

The Spittoon Saloon (Donna Charmer Llama Farm)

Shell Shock (Snowbeard Tavern)

Pine Troll

daily quest Berry Interesting (Otix -figure to the right- Tavern)

Only kill trolls until this quest is fullfilled it's getting you 500rep

To be found in grizzly, turtles and trolls.

Follow your Nose! (Donna Charmer Llama Farm)

Give Snowbeard His Gold (Snowbeard Tavern)

And each time you find pine freshener go to Donna Charmer: type /join llama already in the chatbox. Turn in quest AND accept again, then immeadiately go to /join tavern and turn in the gold AND accept it again. While busy you turn in the above quests when done and accept them again, it's the fastest way to gain dwarf rep more then 1100 a day.

Combination 3 (in Dwarfhold Prison)

Go upstairs in tavern if you have succeeded the quests before, you enter were Mick Guyver is).

Albino Bat, Balboa and Drow Soldier (so keep the quests mentioned in combo 1 for drow)

Talc To Me (Geopetal Dwarfhold) only Albino Bat

Mock The Lock (Mick Guyver Dwarfhold Prison)

Explosives 101 (Mick Guyver Dwarfhold Prison)

Lodestone Locator (Mick Guyver Dwarfhold Prison) only Balboa gives 175 rep

Squeeze Water From Stone (IronFist Dwarfhold) only Balboa

Having A Blast (IronFist Dwarfhold) only Albino Bats

For Jailhouse Rock (150rep) and Hunger Pains (200 rep) (both Mick Guyver; Dwarfhold Prison) you have to have a group that kills Warden Elfis. It's hard to get both quest items in one, but it gives a little more rep gain. I only do it to do something different.

Added: Quickest way to get Dwarfhold reputation is by accepting quests

Accept these quests from Snowbeard and Donna. Attack grizzly bear and once u get pine freshener type in /join llama turn in quest and any other completed quests then type in /join tavern turn in quest and any other quests (make sure you accept quests again) then walk out the door and attack grizzly bear.repeat until you have wanted amount of reputation.Also if u can do mine kart quest easily do so because it is far quicker.

Special items for this reputation

Snowbeard's Shop

Tercessuinotlim - Miltonius' AC shop


Find more about reputations in the Reputation guide.