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Doomwood Reputation

Doomwood Reputation can be gained in Lightguard, Doomwood Forrest, Doomwood Maul, The Tower of Necromancy. It is hard to gain reputation (common quests give 1875 when turned in all at same time) Since 13-06 its a little less hard for members: There are now two daily guests that gain another 1000 rep each. Doing all the quest gives good reputation despite they give it only once. Reputation appeared on 27-05-2011.

Get Doomwood Reputation


Classes related to Doomwood

Necromancer Class

From the design notes: It is a PET class. That means that you will be able to summon a base skeleton pet who will do your fighting for you. You will cast necromantic spells on your pet to deal more damage to your opponent, return mana to you or even steal your foe's lifeforce.

This means that we will also be adding a new type of Item to AQW, Battle Pets. Pet classes like Necromancer (and future pet classes) will be able to equip these pets to attack for them, and use their skills to help their companions or undead slaves fight. Equippable Battle Pets might even have special skills that only that pet can use.

As they are Pets, almost all Battle Pets will be MEMBER ONLY, however the base pet that comes with the class will be usable by anyone. Next week, however, you should be able to summon the Basic Skeleton to fight for you using Necromancer.

2 different ways to get the Necromancer Class.

There will be 2 paths to get that lead to obtaining the non-member Necromancer class.

PATH 1, The Earned Path: You can EARN the Necromancer through hard work and dedication. Once you reach the top of the Tower of Necromancy in DoomWood the master of the tower will offer you the class if you are able to deliver 2 items. The first is the Necropolis University Expanded edition of the Necromonicon= NUE Necronomicon which can ONLY be found for Rank 10 DOOMWOOD REPUTATION from the Lady Speedstyk Rep Shop in Lightguard Keep. The second item a Creature Shard that will be a 5% drop from the Creature Creation in the Chopping Maul.

In summary, to earn the EARNED version you need to get to Doomwood Rep Rank 10, Farm the Creature Creation and overcome all of the tests and puzzles on your way to the top of the tower.

PATH 2, The AC Path: You can BUY the Necromancer for 2000 ACs from Zorbak in his hut in the Chopping Maul map. You will have to have completed all of the doomwood quests neccessary to enter Zorbak's hut but hopefully you have aleady done that. You can also buy the class at Itzachi at Battleon

Other than the price (and the fact that you can store the AC version for free because it is an AC item) there is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL between these two versions of the class. They have the same appearance, they have the same skills.

Sadly, if you DID test the class in PTR you will NOT be able to keep the ranks that you earned there.

UndeadSlayer Class

You need Doomwood reputation rank 10 to obtain it. The most important thing that you need to understand about UndeadSlayer is that is was built for SLAYING UNDEAD. It is a decent class for soloing but might feel a little underpowered UNTIL you are in DoomWood, Battleunder A, Shadowfall or fighting undead in some other area.

If the undead had faces to melt, it would melt them without breaking a sweat.

The UndeadSlayer Class has an interesting dynamic that you won't find in any other class. It takes both Mana to use its abilities but you also need to gather Spirit Orbs to increase the effects of the skills. Getting Spirit Orbs is easy, you get one every time your auto-attack goes off against an undead, even if you miss. You'll see the count going up as you fight and it will max out that 200 Spirit Orbs.

It also has a an AC version that will cost you 2000 AC.

DeathKnight Class

It is a rank 10 class.
This class is the first type of class that use the DoT it does to regain Mana. However, it is a Warior based class. There also is a version sold for 2,000 AC that DOES NOT require rank 10 Doomwood

Quests to gain reputation



Ol' Spice



Lady Speedstyk


only once


All quests are mem only Quests only once

quest chain must be completed before this quests is available

Doomwood Forrest


All Quests only once

Doomwood Maul


All Quests only once

The Tower of Necromancy


All Quests only once Outside Tower

Inside Tower

Necromancer University

All quests here only once

Professor Ghoulliver

Professor Bonevert

Professor Gooran

Professor Skulltz

Temple of Doomwood

All quests only once


There are 20 levels

In Dracolich room

Tome room

Stone Paladin

Shadowfall War

in each room different quest buttons

only once and rewarded after defeating Noxus

  • Noxus is Noxus - 1500rep

Lab (Area)

All quests here only once


Mountain (Area)



DOOMWOOD II Questschain has to be done



These quests only once

These quests can be repeated


This quest only once

These quests can be repeated

Necro Dungeon

Grim Dusk

Grim Dawn

Necro Dungeon Button

all quests only once

Necro Cavern

all quests only once

Necro Cavern Button

Archillius Webcrick


Farming for reputation

Fastest way is to gain rep in the Shadowfall War. Apply all quests from Lightguard and turn them in (1875 every time you turn them in) And do all quest that can be done only once, they give the fastest gain. For member take also the daily quest that will give 2000 rep extra in total.

Special items for this reputation

Lightguard - Lady Speedstyk Rep Shop


Find more about reputations in the Reputation guide.