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Arcangrove Reputation

Arcangrove Reputation can be gained in Arcangrove, Cloister, Mudluk, Natatorium, Gilead, Mafic. It is reasonable to gain reputation, daily quest gives reasonable amount. Reputation appeared on 20-08-2010.

Get Arcangrove Reputation

Classes related to Arcangrove

Shaman Class

This class, (released on 10-01-2011), You will need to have a Rank 10 Reputation if you hope to take on the Shaman Class. Shamans are a Non-Member Class who share a deep connection with Lore's four main Elements. Commanding their primal instincts in battle leads these magic mavens to victory. Shamans regain mana when they strike an enemy in combat (with a more effective chance on criticals) and when they are struck by an enemy in combat. Shamans heavily rely on their Intellect, Dexterity, and Endurance… and it never hurts to have some Luck throw into the mix. Enhancing your gear with Spellbreaker Enhancements would be the best for the intrepid Shaman. (from design notes by Beleen)

Evolved Shaman Class

This is a Non-Member, Arcangrove-inspired Class based loosely on the original Shaman, but with all-new skills and a unique appearance! The art for the class is not ready yet, but we'll post pics of that as soon as we have them! This class can be bought for 2,000 ACs or, if you have already battled and repped your way towards earning the original Shaman class, you will get it for FREE on 29-07-2011 or for 50.000 gold later. The AWQ team suggest using any of the Caster enhancements on Shaman, though it is geared towards Spellbreaker enhancements, since the class derives power from INT and WIS.

Quests to gain reputation







Ewa The Treekeeper













Guide farming for reputation

  • For members the quest from Collection, Majorie gains the fastest.
  • Try Doing Dailies Once A Day
  • The main Arcangrove quests should get you to rank 6 arcangrove.
  • Take all the quests you can do, they give good reputation.

If you want to gain: take all quests at Arcangrove at once, that is the quickest. And take all the daily quest there are except Experiment 107: Elder's Blood Potion - 800rep each 50, take that one only if you want the potion or do legion quest 4. By taking Gorillaphant Poaching 150 rep each 7 it gains at much better rate. Turn the quests in if the normals are done (you can do that twice and then dailys are as good as done too).

  • The recommended class for farming Arcangrove reputation is Mage, due to its ability to do concentrated damage and an AoE skill.

Special items for this reputation

Arcangrove - Rayst's Shop


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