Release Log/2008

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December 29th

December 18th

December 11th

December 5th

November 27th

November 21st

  • New Dwakel Area, Crash Site
  • Class-specific rewards from new quests!

November 18th

November 15th

November 14th

  • Chat for free players (Safiria Server)
  • Two new online servers (Safiria and Warlic Server)

November 13th

  • Orc Head Morph and Ghoul Curse now in Warlic's Shop
  • Auto-Attack Bug Fixed
  • Dragon's Lair Improved
  • Ignore command Fixed
  • Gold Cap for Sell Backs Raised to 2 million
  • Item Preview Improved

November 10th

  • Founder status was extended one week!

November 6th

  • AQWorlds first dragon-themed area - Vasalkar Lair with it's first dragon boss and a new NPC!,Galanoth
  • 20 armor bag-spaces and 20 normal items bag-spaces for more room for items and classes!
  • New weapons, capes and helms at Yulgar's Shop!

November 5th

November 1st

  • Armor Rep reward is now Available in base class trainers!

October 31st

  • The Great Pumpkin King appeared in Mystcroft!
  • There is chance that the Pumpkin King will drop the Great Pumpkin Seed, which will eventually become a pumpkin pet.
  • There is also a chance that he will drop 7 different items, including another seed.
  • The probability of getting an item from The Great Pumpkin King is 50%. That's high!

October 22nd

  • Bludrut Keep
  • 10 new monsters
  • 8 new quests
  • Lots of new weapons
  • 1 million gold cap set
  • Fixed lots of bugs

October 17th

October 10th

Beta Period

October 7th

  • New AQW domain called

October 4th

  • New skills are released.
  • New interface icons.
  • Lowered weapon prices in the shops with a little.
  • Highered sellback values of dropped weapons.

September 24th

  • Ability to rank up your class armor
  • Class tokens have been converted into armor
  • New bar next to the xp bar to keep track of your rank
  • Note: more skills are not available yet

September 21th

  • Monsters drop weapons.
  • Tons of new weapons

September 19th

  • Talk like a pirate day
  • One new zone - Pirate Ship (now called Lolosia)
  • Four new quests
  • Five new Monsters
  • New Pirate Shop
  • The Pirate class is now available to everyone!

September 10th

  • SoundFX
  • Pet functionality

August 27th

  • Capes and helms released
  • Website design updated

August 22nd

August 18th

  • Beta Testing Goes Live

Alpha Period

July 21

  • Test #6 - Final Alpha Test
  • Seven New Quests
  • Farm Released

June 12th

  • Test #5

June 10th

June 8nd

June 4th

June 2nd

  • Test #1