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PvP Combat

PvP in General

The Battlefield

PvP Warzones are very simple. To get in one you go to Battleon and press "PvP". From here you press "Join PvP" and you wait for the queue to come up and ask you to join the warzone. Once you're in you'll appear on either Blue team (Team A) or Red Team (Team B). You start in a safezone. Your goal is to win 10 PvP Trophies by defeating enemy monsters. The game ends when a team reaches 1,000 points, but your trophies are decided by how many creatures you kill (Unless you lose, then it's reduced to only 1 trophy). Each enemy brawler is worth 2 trophies and each restorer is worth 1. With a total of 3 brawlers and 4 restorers,that makes a maximum of 10 trophies. This is the basic idea of PvP.

The Key to PvP


There are many people who believe enhancements are the one and only key to PvP. Wrong. They play a fairly large role in PvP, but aren't the key. The key is your complete ability to die. Yes,the key is to die. A lot of people will run and hide or sit around with little health and just wait to die. Go out and fight like you had full health. Why waste your health bar away when you could rip out half of someone elses and let your team finish him?

Ignore your life, focus on theirs and you'll win almost all your fights.

PvP basics

The Basics of PvP Combat

Learning the use your class is the tough part in PvP. Something I've learned from the best PvP player that I know...Rogue owns Healer, Healer owns Assassin, Assassin owns Rogue. Don't ask me ask him as he's proven it. Thats what you call "knowing your class" in every sense of the term. To know your class read its stats and abilities carefully. Test combinations and think "What sorts of stats do I want and what do I have now?". If you can account for all of these factors in PvP you should be able to survive. Your goal isn't to kill or become a hero. It's survival and effectiveness.

PvP Strategies (Of other players)


Almost always your team will run straight to the restorers of the enemy to kill them. Some may venture off and guard your teams restorers. Others (enemies) may wait outside your safezone to kill you. This is the simple part of PvP where you predict everyone. Know how to maneuver through the enemy lines and avoid everyone down to your own team. Find where people least are. Learn the average player's strategies and get a good idea of how to counteract them.



You should choose a PvP Class with time and consideration. Rogue and Assassin are basic choices, as they dodge a ton, and if used right will give you many critical hits for the duration of the battle. Others use Dragonlord (Verification required) in order to attack. It should only be a defensive class due to its multi-hits. Few people use berserker, and with overwhelming strength some will use Defender (Verification required). When you think of your PvP class ask yourself this.

Does it dodge?
If not, does it deal damage fast?
How hard is it to master?
Do you know of good enhancement sets for it?

All of these thing come into play during PvP. Timing,mana usage, enhancements, and of course reaction speed.

Strategies (For you)

Now that you have your class chosen and you have your skills mastered lets go on to strategy. Do you want trophies or merely the joy of dropping health bars to 0?


If your class has multi-hit abilities go on the defensive. Guard your restorers by killing people the very second they enter. Crush hordes of swarming opponents with single blows.

If you hold a class with haste and continuous evasion abilities go start on the restorers. Kill them fast.

Other classes are less commonly used in PvP and are rarely used in the hands of advanced PvP players.

Random killing

Strategies include:
Go in the middle area and wait. As enemy players pour out from their safezones, you can crush them individually. This may attract more of your team so beware...if you get too caught up in this your chances of gaining 10 trophies severely drop.
This is relatively dangerous...Wait outside a hostile safezone entrance...and slaughter them when they come out. This strategy is best for classes such as rogue/renegade and ninja/assassin. With that location I can assure you'll be swarmed.
In this case, you better be one skilled PvP player. You're literally going to guide the enemy team into a relatively out-of-the-way location. From there you'll be alone to slaughter them all...Told you, you better be a skilled PvP player. Minimum amount of players chasing you should be 3. Maximum 5. Only use under extreme circumstances (Ex. Losing the match).
One shot, One kill
Classes such as Necromancer,Shaman,and Chaos Shaper (for example) can commonly deal fatal blows in one shot. Other classes can as well, those these are the ones that do it most frequently. Using Necromancer, you can fire up the rank 1 ability Summon Minion followed by the rank 5 ability Command Undead. With Shaman, you can use Elemental Embrace and Dry lightning. Chaos Shaper is all too simple. Just use the rank 5 ability Death Grip.

For more detailed PvP strategies you can contact me here.

If you wish for me to add something please message me. My PvP plans aren't the only ones, but merely a few of the hundreds out there.

Note:All strategies require PvP practice. Time is your ally, but it's also your enemy