Otto (Area)

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Otto (Area)
Anna and Otto's House (Unlockable if you do the quests of Renn or Zio)
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Mobius
Exits to:
Shops and NPCs
  • None
Quests & Monsters
  • None

Monsters Seen in This Area

  • None
Monsters: none
Anna and Otto


Anna: It was horrible! I've never seen such horrible power!

Otto: I wanted to fight but Anna Made me hide with her. I'm glad she did.

Anna: The attack came without warning. Our homes... our town... was twisted...

Anna: turned backwards and inside-out with his awfull eyeball staff.

Anna: It only lasted a few minutes, but the memories will last forever...

Goes into Cutscene with the First Lord Of Chaos

After Cutscene with the First Lord Of Chaos

Otto: Ever since, they have been swarming the town looking for the...

Anna: OTTO!

Otto: We have to trust someone, sis.

Anna: Your right. We... we think he was after this.

Anna: This is part of an item of power called the Runix Cube.

Otto: We'd feel a lot safer if someone as strong as you were looking after it. Please take it.

Anna: There are two other pieces... the next piece is held by the Faeries in the Faerie forest to the east.

Anna: It can be hard to earn the trust of the faeries, but once you have earned it...

Anna:... Maybe they will trust you with the second piece.

Otto: If you find all three parts, it's supposed to make a sort of puzzle.

Otto: Maybe you can use it to defeat of Escherion once and for all!

Anna: Thank you for taking the piece, hero. We will stay here in town and help defend it if we can. Good luck with your quest.

Otto: Goodbye!