Mercenary Gnome

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Mercenary Gnome
Because you have a Mercenary Gnome Contract in BladeHaven, this little guy will follow you throughtout your travels in Lore. There's no place like gnome!
Level Required: 1
Member Only: No
Location: BladeHaven
Buy Price: 200 Battleon Points
Sell Price: 0 AC

  • You must buy the Mercenary Gnome Contract in BladeHaven, and must pay 200 Battleon Points to get 500 exp as a reward on Portal Battleon.
  • After you buy the Contract you will automatically get the Mercenary Gnome Pet in AQWorlds.
  • Bladehaven confirmed by AE will not go RARE.
  • After you receive Mercenary Gnome, do not unlink your Aqw account as it will take away the pet.
Mercenary Gnome Pet.jpg