Master Ranger

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Master Ranger
Class Name: Master Ranger
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: No
Reputation Required: Rank 10 SandSea
Location: Zhoom's Reputation Shop - Sandsea
Buy: 50,000 Gold
Sell: 12,500 Gold
  • Auto Attack
  • Mark For Death
  • Scorching Arrow
  • Explosive Bolt
  • Ranger Secrets
  • Target Vitals
  • Vampiric Shot
Mana Regeneration Methods: Rangers gains mana when they:
  • Strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits)
  • Dodge any attack (restores HP as well)
Enhancement: Suggested enhancements for this class can be found here.
Also see: Ranger
Rangers are stealthy, wealthy and wise to the ways of their opponents. Able to take down tyrants without blinking an eye or breaking a bowstring, you'll range far and wide in this armor, gaining gold and glory!

Auto Attack
Attack Type: Physical
Description: Rangers have been taught with an ancient art of attacking at any range, even with a melee weapon.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 0 Mana
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Auto Attack.png

Mark For Death
Attack Type: Physical
Description: Deals light damage and applies Death Mark to your foe. Death Mark can stack up to 5 times unless consumed by a skill or allowed to fade, and reduces foe’s damage up to 5% until consumed
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 5 Mana
Cooldown: 1.5 Seconds
Ranged, effect lasts 10 seconds.

Scorching Arrow
Attack Type: Physical
Description: Launches a flaming arrow at your enemy, dealing moderate damage, also burning them with a fire Damage over Time (DoT). Fire damage over time can be increased by Death Mark.
Rank Required: 2
Mana: 15 Mana
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Ranged, DoT lasts 10 seconds

Explosive Bolt
Attack Type: Physical
Description: This arrow has an explosive tip which explodes on impact, dealing high damage. Nearby foes can also be caught in the explosion for minor damage. Damage increased by Death Mark.
Rank Required: 3
Mana: 25 Mana
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Ranged, Hits up to 4 targets.

Ranger Secrets and Target Vitals
Attack Type: Passive Ability
Description: Increases Dexterity by 15%/Crit chance increased by 8%.
Rank Required: 4
Passive Skill.png
Vampiric Shot
Attack Type: Physical
Description: You fire a magic arrow inscribed with runes at your target, dealing moderate damage to them but also applying a HoT effect to yourself. Both Damage and Heal Over Time effects are increased by Death Mark.
Rank Required: 5
Mana: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Ranged, HoT lasts 10 seconds