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Rare NPC
This NPC was introduced during a special event (e.g., Holiday, War) and will not be able to be talking again until the event repeats, or possibly never again.

George Lowe's avatar in battleon.....with Twilly.




Greetings Hero! I've been waiting for you! The spirits have shown me images of your future. I've been sent here to offer you these classes to help increase your power. Please look over them carefully. Once you master them, the power they can grant is exactly what you will need to face your foes.


Each of the classes that I can offer can be earned as well as purchased. Hard work has its rewards but most adventurers are busy. I offer the option to spend AdventureCoins to save time and effort. Both are worthy paths. It all depends on what how you see the world.



  • None


  • Every class sold are sold for 2,000 AC each.
  • Her name comes from the "It's A She", confirmed by Cysero on his Twitter
  • As of November 12th 2012, her NPC is no longer in battleon. Ragnar is the new class dealer.