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High Priest of the Prime Fire Dragon

Before Defeating Ssikari

You are welcome here, Hero! I have called, and Lore has answered. The whole of Etherstorm Wastes is under attack… from itself! The elements which make our home battle each other, combining and tearing themselves apart. The dragons who live here frenzy.All this is Desoloth's doing. You must stop him, or all Lore is in danger!

After Defeating Ssikari

Ssikari is resting comfortably in a sealed off magma chamber near my altar. I will make sure he recovers well and whole. For now, we must make plans, to use our resources and strengths wisely. Rest now, Hero, and rekindle the flame of your strength. The coming days will be trying indeed.



And once he has subdued our home, he will move on to yours. His power over the elements is massive; there is no knowing the strength he possesses. My Master is left shaken after the death of Zellare, the Prime Fire Dragon, but knows he must burn brightly as he calls to you, and to our new Prime Fire Dragon.

Time is short, and the fires burn hotter and higher as I write. Please, make haste to EtherStorm Wastes! You are greatly needed! May the Flame of Courage burn ever bright within you, I am your servant, S'Kis (Acolyte to the High Priest of Fire)

The deaths of the four Prime Elemental Dragons - Fire, Air, Water, and Earth - must be atoned for in blood. Desoloth's blood. He uses people - human and sadly misguided Dravix - to do his bidding. It is he who must ultimately pay. Dragons MUST NOT harm other dragons.

If such violence is allowed, I fear we will see a repeat of the War of Blood and Flame! That CANNOT happen; dragons must not make war on dragons! Desoloth must be contained. Forever. You must help us!

Important Text


  • He is the High Priest of Fire.
  • HE is know to be good because of his appearance Etherstorm war.