Hodan Cornelis

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Location: Cornelis Ruins -> (/join Cornelis)

Important Text

  • When you click the Exclamation point (!) on top of him this will appear:

Last Heir to Cornelis
It's in my blood to try to restore Cornelis to its former glory, but Chaos has twisted it and gargoyles walk the streets. If you can help be find the missing Cornelis Title then you can keep the rest of my family treasures that you find in the Cornelis Family Vault.

  • After Completing Cornelis's Quests, this will appear.

Last Heir to Cornelis
Well done! You've managed to open the enchanted chest left by my family. Everything inside is yours. If you happen to find my family's magic mirror please let me know. Its yours to keep but it was a peace gift from the faeries and I'd like to see it just once. Thanks again for helping me get the Cornes Title!