Guide to Exp and Gold Farming

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Gold Farming:

Gold farm 1

1.Go to /join Portalundead.

2.Accept the Fire Gem(This quest is daily so you can only do it once a day) quest from Cleric Dawn.

3.Do the Fire Gem quest.

4.Turn it in and sell any items that dropped from the monsters and the Burn It Down Staff for 12500 gold.

Warning:If you get a drop from the monsters, sell it straight away because you could get another one for more gold (Unless you like the item, of course).

Warning again:If you already have the Burn It Down staff in your inventory, sell it before turning in the quest because you can't have more than one of them in your inventory.

Gold farm 2

1.Go to /join Dwakel(Crash Site).

2.Accept the Quadrolithium, the Dam Balloons and the Bumper Bolts quests from Tarvarya

3.Fight the Flamethrower Dwakel in the house on the left eight times or the other monsters on the place before it.

4.Turn in all three quests.

5.Sell the Oculation Helmet, the Battery Cell Pack and the Spybot items (also any items that dropped form the Flamethrower Dwakel).


This one won't give as much gold as the first one but it's not daily so it's the best one right now.

Gold farm 3

1.Go to /join Forestchaos(Forest of Chaos).

2.Beat all the Chaorrupted Wolfs in each room to gain access to Chaorrupted Bear

3.Fight Chaorrupted Bear for a while until his drops make your inventory full.

4.Sell those drops.


Notes: You can repeat this one over and over and over again but it might not be as successful as the others.

Gold farm 4

1.Go to /join Portal.

2.Accept the Daily Quest.

3.Do the Daily Quest.

4.Go back to /join Portal

5.Turn in the quest.

6.Sell the item you got from the quest for 12500 gold.

Notes: This one is pretty much the fire gem one, only... not...

Exp Farming:

Exp farm 1

1.Go to Tercessuinotlim

2.Fight the Dark Makais over and over again, then you will get the gold. (each give 252 exp)

Notes: You need 50 Bone Dust to get into Tercessuinotlim, so if you don't want to get those, do "Exp Farm 2".

Exp farm 2

1.Go to /join Sleuthhound i recommend doing this alone so do /join sleuthhound-3454645654 2.Go to a room up the stairs and to the left

3.There will probably be people fighting the table and the chair there(if there isn't you're probably reading this in the future) table-154exp, 54g chair-163exp, 73g 4.Fight those monsters over and over again.