Great Godfather Of Souls

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Great Godfather Of Souls




Dancing King

Important text

Thanks for coming, hero. I'm the Great Godfather of Soul. I'm the baddest, funkiest cat in Mythsong Valley. No one could out-dance me in the yearly dance-off until Lord Ovthedance came around. I found out he's been cheating!

After completeting the /Dance Evolution Minigame:

Have you come back to rub your victory in my face, hero? Someday, with Chaos Lord Discordia's help, I'll make you pay for taking my title from me! You can count on that!




The quests disappear after the player has done them.


  • The Great Godfather of Souls is based on James Brown, whose nickname is the "Godfather of Soul", where the GGOS gets his name from.
  • The Great godfather of souls(GGOS) is the main npc in 'Beehive'. At the first time you meet him the says the Lord Ovthedance is cheating in the 'Yearly Dance Off' and tells you to defeat for him : 8 Stingers then the Killer Queen Bee. After you have done that he tells you to defeat Lord Ovthedance and retrieve his enchanted shoes. Once you've defeated him, it is revealed that Lord Ovthedance's shoes are not enchanted and that he doesn't need enchanted shoes to win, and that's when you learn that the GGOS had conned you into doing dirty work for him so he would win. Lord Ovthedance then gives you a spotted dance mat to train with so you can have a 'Dance off' with the GGOS(Great Godfather Of Souls). After you win the 'Dance Off', the GGOS vows vengeance against you for taking his title of Dancing Champion from him with Discordia's help.