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George Lowe's avatar in battleon.....with Twilly.


Battleon, Ranger Lowe, Yard (Area)


Special guest for August 2010's Friday the 13th. George Lowe is the a famous voice actor. His most famous character is Space Ghost.

He appears as a park ranger at Camp Lowe in Darkovia where he tells Ghost Stories. Once the final ghost story is done, Ranger Korin appears and George Lowe is revealed to be an ancient evil that feeds off of fear. George Lowe then becomes the George Lowe-viathan to attack the players. Once the players defeat the George Lowe-viathan, it regresses back to George Lowe who states that he doesn't want the players' world anyway. Before being taken away by Artix, Kimberly Freeman, and Voltaire.

George Lowe later narrates AdventureQuest Worlds 3rd Birthday even that took place in the Mirror Realm.

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  • In real life he is a famous announcer