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Felsic, the Magma Golem

Felsic is a magma golem created entirely of molten rock harvested from Mafic. Since Rayst sent the hero, he will refrain from unleashing his power upon the hero.


Mount Mafic (/join mafic)


Magma Golem

Important Text

Before Questline

Greetings, Mortal. Welcome to Mount Mafic. Rayst has entreated you to retrieve the final piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff... but you will have to prove your worth to ME before I allow a mere mortal to posess such a dangerously powerful relic...

After Questline

Mortal, my apologies for underestimating your might. The Supreme Arcane Staff could not be in safer hands. You just might have what it takes to defeat Ledgermayne after all...


Have you questions about Mount Mafic? I advise that you watch your tongue and your step--- lava is not so forgiving on flesh...

Mount Mafic

As one of the most dangerous and powerful places on Lore, Mount Mafic is the plane between magic and natural phenomenon. The creatures share a deep connection with both elements and have thrived since the dawn of time. As long as her lava still flows, Mount Mafic will remain as much alive as her inhabitants.


There are many types of Golems in this world. I am a Magma Golem, created entirely of molten rock harvested from Mafic. Not many Golems befriend mortals... but since Rayst sent you, I will refrain from unleashing my power upon you. But if you encounter any Golems on your journeys, do not expect for them to share the same kindness.

Chaos Focus Gem

The Chaos Focus Gem is undoubtedly the most powerful piece of the Supreme Arcane Staff. It was sentenced to Mount Mafic eons ago so that no one - mortal or not - could ever use it for evil deeds. Mafic shows no favoritism... only incalculable power. She is the sole protector of the Gem, and will remain that way unless you prove yourself stronger than Mount Mafic.