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Faust, the Chessmaster, is a mysterious agent of the Queen of Monsters.


Faust appears as a young man with black hair and dark-red eyes. He features a noticeably-anachronistic outfit consisting of a dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a loose tie, and suspenders; modern clothing that have not been seen even in pre-Reset MechQuest.

Forms taken by Faust include the demon Faust (from Mythsong), and a shadowy form used during his time on the Council.


The true extent of Faust's power is unknown, but he appears to have an ability that allows him to manipulate people at will. By using "strings," Faust is able to control people in a fashion similar to marionettes (though it appears his ability cannot affect the Dragon of Time). According to Sora to Hoshi, his ability does not resemble any known form of magic.

His ability to infiltrate the Shadowscythe, some of the darkest beings known to exist, and remain undetected for a number of years speaks volumes of his ability to infiltrate and disguise himself.

His ability to survive Vaxen's destruction of the Shadow Council hints that he may be more powerful than someone who possessed the combined might of Sepulchure (a true DoomKnight), Carnax (destroyer of the Talados civilization), Valoth (General of the original Shadowscythe), Vordred (a being immune to Light) and Caden (a prodigious Tech Mage).

AQW 11th Anniversary Event

Marking his first appearance, Faust appears as a shadowy being that manipulates the Shadow Council into creating Vaxen. Out of all the members of the Council, Faust is the only one who survives Vaxen's planetwide blast. He later directs Vaxen into attacking Lore: under the impression that he would gain full use of his powers as a result.

It is later revealed that Faust had infiltrated the Council some time ago on the Queen's orders. After Vaxen's defeat, Faust returns to the Queen's service with the Shadow Council's research in hand, and the location of an ancient prison known as "E. B."

Hero's Heart Day 2016

Faust makes his second appearance during this event, where he manipulates the citizens of Battleon and causes their emotions to go haywire. By encasing Warlic in crystal and using him as a living focus stone, Faust places the entire town under his grasp; forcing Sora to Hoshi to seal Battleon in a "timelock" to prevent any further spread.

While the Hero travels between each affected person's psyche, Faust blackmails Cyrus, the Bandit King, into stealing a number of scrolls from Battleon's Librarium. The Hero stumbles onto Cyrus's psyche during this time, but is unable to discover the source of his fear or the identity of the blackmailer.

Only after Sora's own manifestation, the Unrequited, is defeated, does the Hero free the citizens from Faust's control. As a result, Sora returns to DragonRune Hall in order to research Faust's ability in detail, while Warlic promises to remain vigilant in case anything else should occur.

Following Sora' departure, the Hero bumps into Faust in the middle of the town square. The Hero does not recognize him and continues on their way.


  • His lines during the 11th Anniversary event echo the Mysterious Stranger.
    • "I? I am no one. But you are someone I find very interesting."
  • His counterpart in DragonFable appears to have no recollection of his activities in AdventureQuest Worlds.
    • He also lacks the suspenders of his AQW counterpart.