Farmer Westin

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Farmer Westin


Willow Creek


One of the four farmers in Willow Creek. it seems that he is maybe a brother of Frogzard Hunter from Adventure quest

Important text

Before Helping : G'Day Mate! I see that the guardians have sent you here. My brother came over the other day, and he left some Zards in my backyard. Please get rid of them for me.

After Helping : Thank you mate! I don't how my brother can stand being around those things! Anyways , Is bloody awful! I have lost three Shelias during the last month...

More Info : They say it's those nast Drakel Dwarfs that live in the mountains, but i'm not really sure. Try asking the other farmers for more info.


  • Quest





You need Church Seal to talk to him for this first time He looks like the zardman hunter in AdventureQuest