Farmer Northrup

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Farmer Northrup and his son


Willow Creek


One of the four farmers in Willow Creek

Important text

Before Helping : Why hello there! Is there something we can help you with? Oh , Elder Calafalas? You can find her in the Church at this time of day.

After Helping : Whoops , i guess it was only the spiders that i heard... what a silly mistake! Whatever creature is attacking our town at night is much bigger , with big sharp teeth and claws.
Last week i found one of my cattle torn to shreds , and what was left was covered with huge teeth and claw marks.

More Info :What are you still stading around here for? i've told you all i know! Now go find the horrible creatures that are terrorzing our town!


  • Quest





You need Westin Info to talk to him for the first time