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Ewa, The Treekeeper and Master Druid


Cloister (/join cloister)


The Treekeeper, Master Druid

Important Text

Before Quest Ewa The Treekeeper

Greetings Traveler, welcome to the Cloister. I believe that Rayst needs your skill elsewhere. Please go speak to him outside the Arcangrove Tower. He will tell you where to go.

Before Quests

Welcome to The Cloister, traveler. Under normal circumstances druids of all shapes and sizes would be here to greet you, but our beloved Mother Tree has been invaded by magical creatures that we have no ability to communicate with! Can you help save our home?


The Cloister is more than a giant tree. It was shaped and molded ages ago by very powerful druids. It has a special connection with Arcangrove as well as the powerful magic that floods this area.


Recently, we Druids have been taking our war forms and fighting to protect The Cloister from the invading monsters, but I told the others to flee for their safety. I just could not force myself to abandon the Mother Tree. With your help we might be able to save The Cloister and reopen the Arcangrove Tower's portal to the para-elemental plane of magic.

After Quests

I cannot express my gratitude, hero. The Cloister is regaining its natural balance and the power to the tower's portal should be restored! Thank you for your help, hero. I have sent word to the other druids. Soon the Cloister will once again be filled with our kind. Please return to Rayst in Arcangrove he would be pleased to hear the news.

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  • Ewa is likely a referance to the movie "Avatar."