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Ethan, King of Winter-een-mas


  • The Winter-een-mas King


Important Text


  • Before you finished quests:I'm not sure who took the crown but they must have left some clues. Take a look around GameHaven and see what you can find. But try not to touch any of my stuff. Oh, and watch out… we've had some monster problems lately. I've called the guy but.. you know.
  • After you finished all event quests:You did it! Winter-een-mas is saved thanks you! … and thanks to my winter-een-mas Scepter, of course. We did good, pal. We did good. Just look at this crown. Ooooohh… shine crown… Happy Winter-een-mas to one and to all!


  • Be eyes more careful in here. the store room is larger than it looks, but hiding in thise amaze of game boxes in my wife, Lilah. She MUST have my crown. The fate of Winter-een-mas rides on you, hero. Uh… let's not tell her what we're doing, OK?