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  • Edvard is a vampire with a shiny face who was dumped by his lost love, Beulah, for a werewolf. Even though he is Safiria's greatest warrior (even self-proclaiming himself to be greater even than Safiria herself), he, according to the Design Notes, is known to attack anyone who crosses his path (or makes fun of his shiny face), including even his own race. He recently agreed to earn the power of Chaos from Wolfwing by defeating the player, assassinating Safiria and placing the blame for her murder on the Lycans and therefore making them find themselves in a war 100 times deadlier than the one they were in at the moment so that they would never bother Wolfwing again. He was eventually defeated by the player and afterwards turned into a bat and flew away, never thought to show up again after failing Wolfwing like that.

Important Text

Cutscene Before Facing Edvard

  • Hero: Uh... Hi there! You must be Safiria's greatest... warrior?
  • Edvard: I am Edvard, the greatest Vampire. Greater even than Safiria herself!
  • Hero: Is... is your head sparkling?
  • Edvard: The dark gift of vampirism affects each new Vampire differently.
  • Hero: So you got a sparkly face?
  • Edvard: That's correct.
  • Hero: Did the dark gift also come with an un-lifetime supply of hair gel?
  • Edvard: Yeah, that's right! I use product! Maybe your hair looks like that naturally, but some of us need a little help. Besides, Beulah always said that my hair looked nice. Before she left me for that... animal.
  • Hero: Your girlfriend dumped you for a werewolf? Ouch. She MUST have a thing for bad hair.
  • Edvard: It matters not! Wolfwing has promised me the power of Chaos if I finish you off!
  • Hero: You have turned your back on your Queen and your own kind?
  • Edvard: Safiria won't know until it's too late, and once I finish her for Wolfwing I will place the blame on the Lycans. They will find themselves in a war 100 times more deadly than the one they are in now. They will be so occupied with each other that they will never bother my master, Chaos Lord Wolfwing, ever again!
  • Hero: You're the worst kind of traitor. You're done... and Wolfwing is next.
  • Edvard: We shall see, mortal!


  • His name and appearance are derived from Edward Cullen, a character from the Twilight series.
  • You DO NOT have to defeat him to unlock the cutscene buttons and continue the story. Just complete BOTH sides of the war, /join vampirewar and /join lycanwar.
  • It's unknown what happen to him after he failed Wolfwing