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DreamWeaver is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.



Skyguard after Pirate Base quests. Also, in various Skyguard cutscenes


Mistress of Dreams

Replaces Invidia after Pirate Base quests are completed. She is Invidia's true identity.

Important Text

Ah, dear me, dearie! I never thought I'd be free from that madman's clutches! I feel the chains around my heart and soul lifting, fading away! My only regret is that to save YOU, I had to leave behind my beloved grandchildren! Please tell me you will go back for them when you can!



  • She is the Exos second-in-command until she later betrays him.
  • She has two grandchildren: Nhia and Jarren.
  • She is the mother of Sir Ated
  • She takes up two alternate identities, Invidia and Granny V, to manipulate and fool the Skyguard for Exos.