Dr. Dryden Darkwood

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This is the NPC type of Dr. Dryden Darkwood/Mysterious Figure, for the monster, click here.
Dr. Dryden Darkwood with his assistant Skudly
The Robed Darkwood

Description and History

Dr. Dryden Darkwood, a.k.a. the Mysterious Figure, is the mastermind of the Council made up of the seven greatest and most powerful villains of the land.

He gathers Vaden, Xeven/Xeight, Ziri, Pax, Sekt, and Scarletta into hearing their stories on how they encountered the players.

After the stories are told, the villains demand to hear the Mysterious Figure's story until they are interrupted by the sentient table Plank who also had an encounter with the players. Plank states that he knows who the Mysterious Figure is and the origins of the cursed artifacts that each of the villains previously wielded.

Plank tells how he, Dr. Dryden Darkwood, and his Trolluk servant Skudly had captured the players at an antique shop where Dr. Darkwood posed as it's owner. Plank and Dr. Darkwood mentioned to the villains that they imprisoned them in the dungeon before meeting with the villains. They never mentioned what happened to the previous owner.

In the end, it is ultimately revealed that Dr. Darkwood had already been defeated by the players before the meeting could be held, and that the figure who was heading the council was actually the players all along. The players intended to get help from the villains in stopping a much bigger threat in the form of not just the Queen of Monsters, but also a possible revival of Sepulchure.

Important Text

Purveyor of Fine Antiques

So, about that robe that I need you to fetch. It's being stored in the cellar outside. Just go out the back door right behind me, and once you're outside, just head to the left until you see the cellar door. You'll need to unlock it - here, use this key! Then, just head downstairs into the cellar and find my robe.

Back Door?

Oh, yes, we have a back door! Didn't I mention that before? Ha, ha… yes, I suppose you COULD have come in through the back to avoid fighting all those cursed antiques. But then, you wouldn't owe me 10 million gold, and I wouldn't have someone to send after my robe.

Cursed Artifact


  • Whether he is related to the Mysterious Stranger or not, we still don't know it yet.
  • Paladin Aeon, an AQWorlds writer has greatly implied The Hero is this person. A player made a topic involving their identity and was PM'd the following By Aeon...

"Your theory might be a bit closer than you think!"