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Mythsong City


Bard Trainer in Mythsong City

Important text

Welcome to Mythsong City, hero! You're standing in the musical capital of Lore. Everyone is very busy preparing for Lorestockapalooza! Talk to the local shop keepers. They always need a hand. I hear that Mozzy Mogbourne is having trouble near the Stairway to Haven. You should start there.

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Mythsong City was built here in the fertile valley of Mythsong Canyon because it's got the best acoustics in all of Lore. This is also the home of the famous Mythsong Singing Crystals! You'll see different colored crystals all over town. When you touch each one it gives off its own note. Why not play with them and make up a tune. Maybe it will be the next big hit!


Lorestockapalooza is a week long music festival combined with a battle-of-the-bands. All the best musicians, bands and bards travel from all over Lore to perform, trade songs and stories and listen to each other.

Where Should I Go?

Mozzy Mogbourne has lost control of his Lead Zeppelin! Maybe you can help. Head north and you'll find Mozy at the base of the Stairway to Haven.

Bard Class:

Bards are musicians and storytellers as well as masters of combat who aid our companions in battle! If you want to become a Bard, Jon Jett, the Rep Shop owner will sell you the Class at Rep Rank 4!