Dog Gone Shame

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Location info
Level Required:
Location: Darkovia, Safiria's Castle
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: fixed
Monster List: Chaorrupted Wolf
NPCs: Brysin
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: 5 Chaorrupted Barbs
Total Experience: 125
Total Gold: 150 gold
Total Reputation: 150 Vampire Reputation
Equipment Won: none
Zere has been ze storytelling of Chaorrupted Olves living in the Neverglades. Haz you ever been zere? Ze stories say zhat ze live in the Forest of Chaos and in ze Chaos Forest. If zis is true, zhen go out and bring me 5 Chaorrupted Barbs from zere spines. Ze less wolve population , ze better Darkovia vill become.